Forest Hill - View of the top

Forest Hill gets the Guardian's 'Let's Move To' treatment today, described as a gloomy, cheap alternative to Brockley or Peckham, which benefits from the Horniman and the views from the top.

Many here have fallen: Brockley, Peckham, Crystal Palace. But Forest Hill is hanging on by its nails... The South Circular flows incessantly, and there are quite a few boy-racer routes for those seeking to escape it. The centre, consequently, feels a bit placeless. It can have a gloomy feel, as it's on the north-east side of Sydenham Hill.

It's a harsh assessment, which neglects to mention a fantastic new swimming pool, some lovely streets and a good variety of shops and pubs, but they're not wrong about the impact of the South Circular.

With thanks to Monkeyboy for the tip off.


Monkeyboy said...

have to say ive never found any of these area profiles much kop. Fills a page but fairly disposable in terms of acuracy

Tim Chaplin said...

Yes just read this in the magazine. It makes Forest Hill sound as though they never had a Railway line until the Overground. It does have the best view from One Tree Hill but isn't that Honor Oak?

Brockley Jon said...

Yeah, it's like they never even bothered to visit! Have to say, I've never been too concerned with the south circular running through. It's no busier than roads running through many other areas. And when will property journalists stop saying "the arrival of the overground" - it's been years now!

Spincat said...

Seemed like quit a lazy review - I wonder if they do visit or just check it out online. Even I thought it was quite unfair to Forest Hill and, being a Crofton Park-er, I have the Londoner's inbuilt mild prejudice against neighbouring areas.
One of the great things about the area is the attractive housing and the wonderful views you get from so many residential streets in that area.
With regard to the South Circular, I find the annoyance of it decreases relative to the growth of useful shops, bars and facilities - I'm definitely starting to go to Forest Hill again to shop and socialise. Yes, a lot was missed out.

huh said...

I've never really noticed the south circular ... there are loads of areas in London with busier roads through them. Forest Hill is a bit of a gem in South London, I love going out there to socialise now ...

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