Greenspaces: St Paul's Churchyard

Sitting just off Deptford High Street, St Paul's church is an 18th century, Baroque masterpiece. The churchyard itself is a walled garden and a retreat from the throng of market day, with low Portland Stone walls that offer a good place to sunbathe.

The gardens look like an isometric video game, with pristine benches, gravestones, lampposts, flowerbeds and square hedges dotted around as if they've been generated at random - an island of twee in Deptford's sea of grit.

This has been added to the Greenspaces map - our guide to local parks and open spaces.


Brockley Nick said...

I can see why people are unhappy about that project, but it's outside the walled garden on a bit of land which does not look well-used, sandwiched between two roads. I'm happy for someone to tell me that actually, it's a beloved spot, frolicked on by children from miles around, but it looks like a bit of a thoroughfare.

RB said...

Not in their respective back yards.

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