Brockley Bites - Good News Special

Let there be light

And the residents of Harefield Mews said 'let there be light' and behold, there is at last a complete set of functioning lamp posts in the mews that runs behind the parade of shops on opposite the Brockley Barge on Brockley Road. And it is good.

Blessed are the good folk of the Mews, who can now walk down there at night without feeling unsafe.

Love thy neighbour

There is an opening meeting of the Brockley Society, tomorrow at 8pm, at the Rivoli Ballroom. Items on the agenda include the East London Line and the heavenly bodies that could be using Heathrow as a result of a third runway.

A rival flock will be gathering at 7.30pm tomorrow for the next meeting of Friends of Brockley and Ladywell Cemetaries at the Envirowork Centre, Brockley Grove Depot, (opposite the Baptist Church). It is not known whether they will be discussing the impact of runway three on the eternal slumber of their residents.

Deliver us from the evil of run down shops

While many other Post Offices across the borough are scheduled for closure, BC-reader Barry is celebrating the much-needed refurbishment of the Crofton Park Post Office under the friendly management of Mr Manish and Mrs Kriti Garg.

The Gospel according to St Asaph

Westside reader, Anna, emails Brockley Central with these tidings:

"Good things are happening on the West side of Brockley. It's right on the cusp where Lewisham meets Southwark on the junction of St Asaph Rd & Aspinall Road.

"There are road and pavement improvement works taking place, on the side where Aspinall Rd joins St Asaph, the pavement has been extended and spaces have been left for three new trees by the looks of it.

"On the other side, where there is a rather grim bridge that crosses the railway lines to Drakefell Rd, a block paved terraced area is appearing with an improved asphalt parking bay for residents."

The Good Samaritan

Local resident Ben has asked us to help him promote his charity Marathon run, in aid of St Joseph's Hospice. He's hoping to raise £1,500 from members of the public and £2,000 from businesses.

The link to his fund-raising campaign - which already seems to be doing very well - can be found here, along with some stunning photography of his recent trip to Tibet:

We are promoting his good cause, not least because he has agreed to take part in the Brockley Fun Run, more details about this imminently.


Servidores said...

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Brockley Nick said...

For all our Brazilian IT server information needs! Thanks Servidores.

andy pandy pudding & pie said...

I want more good news, when is our west side cafe opening??? When is the 'second' person going to join my cat walking society??? These are all very important topical issues!!!

Anonymous said...

The west side cafe has gone quiet by the looks of things. The workman that I saw going in and out appear to have gone - from the outside it looks no different - no tantalizing sign writing - nowt. Would be great to get some confirmation of a time scale - more details - interview with the owner? Brockley Nick?

Anonymous said...

The new paving is definitely an improvement to the area by the foot bridge.
All we need now is an espresso kiosk and a couple of chairs and we could all start enjoying the 'St Asaph Piazza'

spincat said...

I am so glad our local post office is under new management. They are so helpful, friendly and efficient as a post office; what is more, they have a much better selection of stationery and sweets, as well as small range of household goods and costume jewellery. Thanks for mentioning them - they deserve a mention

Brockley Nick said...

With regards to the west side cafe - bear in mind that Dandelion Blue took months of negotiation before fit-out could even begin. Sometimes it takes time.

Anonymous said...

does that mean that any Brockleyite running in the London Marathon (or any other sponsored event) can have a mention on the blog so long as they have entered the brockley fun run? ? ?? ? ? ? ?

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