Moonbow Jakes, Brockley Road

A coffee shop, which is practically perfect in every way, except perhaps, for the coffee itself. Plenty of people moan about the quality of the coffee but that is to miss the point of Moonbows.

A chair or table to suit every mood and purpose. Friendly, efficient staff. Pitch-perfect decor and choice of music and loads of live events. It works just as well on a Friday night as it does on a Sunday morning.

The menu's simplicity is a strength, rather than a weakness. From tasty Mediterranean platters to crumbly/moist cookies, it's reliably good stuff.

The back garden appears to be a bit of an afterthought and it would be nice to see it get a makeover under its new owners.

Always busy although rarely overflowing - it has been setting the pace in Brockley for many years and its ongoing success proves that there is plenty of demand for good quality local venues.