The curious case of the silver welly

"Who so Hurleth This Welly Furthest O’er this Field, is Rightwise King Born of All Brockley."

When someone sends you an email like this, you can’t not try to help:

Hello Nick, sorry to trouble you with this.

At a summer fair on Hilly Fields last year I took part in a welly throwing contest and won a delightful silver welly on a plinth. I was asked to return this before this years and don't seem to have the detailsof the man who gave it to me. I am happy dropping it off, but I don't know where. It was very windy and the bands roof cover blew off if that gives you any idea of which day it was. If you could put me in contact with the organisers that would be great.

Are you the person this man needs to speak to? Do you know the person who is?

If so, please email us at and we will reunite you.


Vikki said...

Has he tried contacting the Brockley Society as they organise the fayre and should have details of all those who were stallholders last year? (You have to fill in a form..)

They list the followers numbers as contacts for this year -

07758 464 195 (stalls)
07714 084 296 (not stalls!)

Anonymous said...

You refer to the ancient, noble art of Welly Wanging - not to be confused with the less noble pastime, Willy Wanging, an illegal variation practised in public schools across England and the bathhouses of Istanbul.

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