The Dog and Bell, 116 Prince Street, Deptford

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Anonymous said...

A lovely pub - and yo might see this:

Anonymous said...

This is bit of a gem in a very forlorn backstreet in Deptford.

It is a regular hangout of a network of some of the most experienced musicians in South East London.

Many a convivial evening can be had there, if you can find the place. Good beer and nice food and the regular live music.

patrick1971 said...

Great pub, probably the best thing about Deptford. The pub quiz on Sunday evenings is excellent; challenging without being obscure, and the contestants don't seem to think that txting your friends for the answers is appropriate behaviour, which is pretty rare these days!

Anonymous said...

A relative of mine has just moved in 20yds from this pub and what I like about it is they do guest beer, have a garden and are on the Thames Path walk. People lounge around eating, drinking beer and reading the papers, bit like heaven.

Anonymous said...

It's a lovely pub - full of character, mellow, good beers and does a mean quiz. It also has a friendly vibe.

A role model for other pubs!

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