Trees again

Earlier this week, we reported that a Lewisham College lime tree was about to join The Elizabeth Oak in Greenwich Park and the tree that used to stand atop One Tree Hill on the list of famous ex-trees.

Having read the feedback in reposnse to that article, which detailed Lewisham Council's proposal to cut it down and replace it, officers from the Council have offered to meet with Cllr Dean Walton and some Brockley Central readers to discuss the plans and talk about the Council's wider strategy for managing trees in the area, which is clearly a topic that many who live here feel very strongly about.

We think this is a very positive gesture on their part and shows that your views are being read and reflected on by the Council. Invariably, these issues are more complicated than we reduce them to, so the start of a dialogue about this case and the wider issues it represents is a good first step.

The meeting would be on-site in the early morning, around 7.30am, in order to allow people to get to work afterwards. It will take place in early April, before the scheduled felling of the tree.

If you would like to attend the discussion, please email Brockley Nick at the usual address and we will put forward some names to the Council. If we are oversubscribed, Brockley Central will pick 2-3 people to attend. We will also report on the meeting, for the benefit of all BC readers.


Headhunter said...

That is a positive step. So Lewisham BC does listen sometimes, even though it never replies to emails. Would love to attend but I have to be in Chancery Lane by 8.30am so not early enough for me...

Tamsin said...

Good for the blog and good for the Council!

That's really pleasing all round.

Tressillian James said...

Sounds like a very positive move - and am heartened by the fact that the council do listen. Thanks also to Dean Walton - I think Dean, Darren and Sue, are great representatives of the Green Party - and have changed a few misconceptions I had about the party.

Amanda said...

This seems a good move. I have to say I felt frustrated by the process, whereby we were asked what we wanted and we gave a clear indication, yet the decision was to do the opposite. In my view the 'compromise' of a new tree is not acceptable, based on the information given. As the result of the decisionis would be that row of Lime trees will be altered by having one removed and replaced.
The reasoning for the camera hasn't be put forth clearly by official sources.

Yes there are other and no doubt more important things to consider in the world than a tree in Lewisham. But this does matter. I think it's a poor precedent to set whereby we treat trees so casually in this borough by not making a stand against it's removal and possible replacement.

As stated by me before, I hope the outcome of the meeting is that the tree is trimmed.

Headhunter said...

Any more news on the time/date of the tree meeting?

Kate said...

The meeting took place this morning and was very useful and interesting, thanks to all who attended.

I'm going to write up a piece which hopefully will appear on the site in the next day or two.

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