The Flower of Kent, Lewisham Way

BC review to follow, please post your comments and reviews here.


patrick1971 said...

Always looks really rough, unpleasant and unwelcoming. Amazingly it actually had a refurbishment a few years ago, but didn't lose the clientele, so still pretty rough. Quite a good site, but that whole parade along Lewisham Way there is resolutely down-at-heel.

Pete said...

I went in one night having got very drunk already in the Amersham arms with two of my mates.

It actually wasn't that bad from what I remember. We were the only white people in the place but no one seemed to care and we played pool (very badly) with just about everyone.

I think it is pretty much a West Indian pub and so long as you don't have a problem with that it is ok.

Anonymous said...

Really nice friendly pub with good regular clients, good music and lively karaoki nights on Sunday nights - landlady Evon is very friendly. Jigs

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