Brockley North's Drinking Habit

At the end of last year, residents living in and around a large area surrounding part of Lewisham Way were asked their thoughts on whether the area should be a Drinking Control Zone, or DCZ.

"In a drinking control zone a police officer can require a person to hand over open containers of alcohol, such as cans or bottles. Once warned, if a person refuses to comply they can be arrested. The maximum fine is £500."

The Council's idea being that this should cut down on anti-social behaviour revolving around some off-licenses and takeaways in the designated area, and generally stop undesirables loitering in public places, such as the Memorial Gardens. The roads affected can be seen in full on the council's website.

The DCZ has now been approved, and will be put in place on the 1st April (no joke) initially for six months, after which the scheme will be reviewed with the Safer Neighbourhood Team and local community groups. How rigorously the DCZ area will be enforced is yet to be seen, but best tell your mates not to have that Stella on the way to the party.