Phoenix Restaurant, Lewisham Way

The Phoenix is a training restaurant that prepares students of Lewisham College for the catering industry. It's a fully functional and licensed restaurant, open during term time for lunch on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and for dinner on the last Thursday of the month.

BC review to follow, please post your comments and reviews here.


Anonymous said...

Dirt cheap and great silver service food - go when the older students are cooking. Overall a great experience, look out for the next Jamie / Nigella

andy pandy pudding & pie said...

I've been to a training college restaurant before, it was really good fun - the slighly nervous looking trainee waiter managed to spill some green beans all over me (something to do with holding too spoons on top of each other??) but it was really good fun.

Very beneficial to the students who really appreciate any feedback you give them and often the food is as good as you get in the top notch restaurants.

If I remember to go, I will go for sure.

Richard Elliot said...

I really want to go, you hear good things abuot the place.

The only downside for me if their opening hours, which means I haven't been able to go so far..

Jackie said...

I used to work over the road from Lewisham College so we went there a few times for lunch - the food was always good, and as anonymous said it was really good value. I often found that the trainee waiters were a bit overkeen and came to the table every 5 minutes to ask if everything was alright, but even that wasn't a problem, as you could see they were just a bit nervous and anxious to please.

We even had our work Christmas lunch there one year, it was great for Christmas lunch and they were fine about catering for a big group (book in advance obviously) and not fazed at all.

Anonymous said...

How much?

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