Tree's reprieve?

A while back, Dllr Dean Walton got wind of a plan to fell a tree on Lewisham Way, to allow a CCTV camera in Lewisham College car park to function. He asked Brockley Central readers for some quick feedback on the plan and then raised the results (uniform condemnation) with the relevant teams within the Council, to see if a new plan could be made.

So did the protests by local residents save the tree?

Well, no.

The 12m lime tree is to be removed in the next few weeks.

As a result of the feedback though, the CCTV team have agreed to fund the planting of a replacement tree (no word what kind - most likely something considerably smaller) at the same that the lime is removed.

Reasonable compromise? Hollow victory? Unnecessary expense? Welcome response?

What do you think?