Brockley Station, 7.45am today

On the northbound platform, an elderly anti-capitalist demonstrator was being harangued by a deeply unpleasant hoodie, who was accusing him of begging and tearing his leaflets in to a shower of confetti.

Two things struck us about this unfortunate vignette. The first was that the irony in the fact that the anti-capitalist (whose newspapers had an alarmist front page decrying the use of 'big brother' technology at Terminal 5) eventually scared off the kid by telling him that his actions were being recorded on the station's CCTV system and he could face a £50 fine.

The second was that plenty of people on the station stood up for the guy against against the hoodie. Brockley commuters are neither cowering, nor atomistic. If gentrification means more people like that and fewer people like the hoodie, then we welcome it with open arms.