The Talbot Episode IV: A New Hope

Following the fortunes of The Talbot and its will-they / won't-they renovation saga has left Brockley Central as emotionally drained as when it last watched When Harry Met Sally.

Just when the hour seemed darkest, we got an update from James, at the Honor Oak pub - the management team that hopes to take over the running of the Talbot and a link to a new website for the pub, so it must be happening, right?!

The owners of The Honor Oak pub on St. German's Road in Forest Hill are currently working to secure The Talbot on Tyrwhitt Road in Brockley from Punch Taverns.

'The plan' is to close the pub in 2008 for complete refurbishment, relaunching it as a modern, local pub, serving good, fresh food by the end of the year.

Although a lot of work has already been done on the project, The Talbot has proved itself in recent years as a building with a lot of potential, but a difficult site to transform both structurally and financially. We realise that local residents have been promised great things for The Talbot, and we hope that we are now close to being able to deliver them.

Thanks to James for keeping an anxious community informed.