Mysterious ways

"Earlier on this week I was driving on the South Circular and I drove past a church with a big sign outside it with big capital letters, which said: 'You won't get to heaven on the South Circular.' And I thought: 'No, but I will get to Tooting, where I live. Where all my stuff's kept."

Stewart Lee, Fist of Fun.

Brockley Central is not a god-fearing sort of blog, but this post has shaken our atheist convictions to their very foundations. For if God does exist, then he / she / it would surely choose to make their presence felt on a train between London Bridge and Brockley. We find this far more convincing proof of God's greatness than milky statue tears or stigmata.

Although Jez doesn't reveal what the almighty said, hopefully it was something more helpful than "can you move down please!?".