Capital investment: the visitor benefits

Our colleague has been working with Visit London to compile a list of the major developments taking place across the capital ahead of the Olympic Games (which will be 1,000 days away tomorrow), which will benefit tourists. We couldn't manage to find a way to smuggle Brockley onto the list but we're pleased that both the East London Line and London Bridge feature prominently.

London’s visitor economy set to benefit from at least £11bn investment between now and the Olympic Games

As the city marks 1,000 days until the opening ceremony of the Olympic and Paralympic Games on 27th July 2012, a new report by Visit London reveals that in excess of £11bn will be invested into projects directly benefiting visitors to the city.

The developments cover a huge range of facilities including improved and new transport links such as the East London line extension, the upgraded DLR and new cycle tracks and walkways; hotel openings from the 1021 bedroom Park Plaza at Westminster Bridge to the renovated Savoy as well as attractions across the capital including in Stratford, East London where the spectacular new urban park is being built - one of the biggest in Europe for more than 150 years.

Sally Chatterjee, Interim CEO, Visit London commented:

“As Londoners, we should celebrate our position as the host city of the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games and the significant investment that this status brings. With the 1,000 days countdown underway, we can already see how significantly the Capital will change. What is so exciting for visitors is that they really don’t need to wait – the transformation is happening now. We have an unprecedented opportunity to show the world exactly what London has to offer and these new developments will benefit Londoners and visitors alike for many years to come.”

London will also play host to some major new architectural buildings including the London Bridge Tower otherwise known as The Shard with a six star Shangri-La hotel and the Heron Tower in the City which is set to have breathtaking views across the London from its rooftop. Other key investments include:

- Kings Cross redevelopment – Completion of parts of this project from 2012 with an investment of around £2bn
- London Bridge Quarter including The Shard and New London Bridge House – Due for completion 2012 with an investment of around £2bn
- The Heron Tower, City – Due for completion in 2011 with an investment of around £1.85bn
- East London Line extension – Due for completion in June 2010 with an investment of around £1bn
- Westfield Stratford – Due for completion in 2011 with an investment of around £1.45bn

There are many other smaller projects underway which will have a major impact on the tourist experience. These include the reopening of the Cutty Sark in spring 2011, the new wing of the Tate Modern – Tate Modern 2 – in time for the Olympic Games and the launch of the Meantime Brewery in Greenwich early next year.

The 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games provide a unique opportunity to showcase the capital’s attractions, landmarks and neighbourhoods to the whole world. The amount of investment in London reveals a long term confidence in the city that can be experienced by visitors in the run up, during and after the Games.

Visit London, as the official tourism organisation for the capital, is committed to promoting London both in the UK and internationally both in the run up and beyond the Olympic Games to ensure London remains one of the world’s most visited cities.


Matt-Z said...

Interesting. Lots of new hotels coming.

Factually it is incorrect in as much as the Jubilee Line upgrade is running late and likely to be finished until February at the earliest. Plus it doesn't quite mention 3-car running on the DLR, currently slated for early 2010.

matrowan said...

...didn't quite read whole post, but are the new cycle ways talking about real cycle ways on the new Olympic site or ones we might benefit from in SE London? We'll be a bit of a laughing stock if the Dutch (to name but one nation) sees that state of what passes for a cycle route round here.

Anonymous said...

I note that the met will be the first line to have air-con. Will the East London line be fully air conditioned? if not thye've missed a trick. Seems like it would've made sense to buy/ modify existing stock in time for the reopening of the line.

Anonymous said...

yes it will

Matt-Z said...

The new ELL stock is built to National Rail standards and will be fully air-conned. They are full size overground trains, not much different from the newest EMUs which Southern currently run (although there will be less seating, and it will be longitudinal).

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news. Looks like ELL with be preferred choice to travel then.
thanks for confirming..

Anonymous said...

I agree. The ELL looks more of an appealing option because it is more modern. Apparently there are fewer seats on the trains though but seeing as most of us stand anyway I guess you will be able to fit more people in. I am looking forward to the Westfield being in East London. It will be close enough to access but not too close.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean Westfield being in EAst London? Is a sister shopping centre opening up? and where in East london?

Anonymous said...

There's going to be one in Startford.

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