Brockley Big Brother

2006: Gary Glitter was jailed in Vietnam, Brett Ratner was busy killing the X Men franchise, we all set our watches by Chico Time and Brockley's own 'sexual terrorist' Richard Newman wowed audiences with his collection of hats. Well, the spirit of 06 has returned to Brockley.

The News Shopper reports that one of this year's Big Brother contestants is from "trendy Brockley":

Former Catholic school girl turned Playboy Bunny Shievonne Robinson, 28, went into the house two days ago with 16 other housemates including a porn star and an ex-gang member for the launch of the new series. The former St Mary Magdalen’s Catholic Primary School pupil, who was a waitress in a Playboy casino in Mayfair last year, can smoke a cigarette with her boobs and can down 10 tequila shots in 30 seconds. She lives in trendy Brockley with her mother and has two older sisters and three nieces.

Her sister is calling on Lewisham residents to back her in the house.