South London Press spawns seven new "hyperlocal" titles

Elizabeth Shaw: My God, we were so wrong. 
- Prometheus

The Press Gazette reports that the South London Press is spawning seven "hyperlocal" paid-for newspapers, covering each of the SLP's main areas of focus: Streatham, Brixton, Wimbledon, Wandsworth, Dulwich, Deptford & New Cross and Forest Hill & Sydenham (Brockley will presumably be covered by a combination of the latter two titles).

That's a hell of a lot of stabbings they will have to find on a weekly basis for their front covers.

Sir Ray Tindle told Press Gazette: “The South London Press has been a major paid-for weekly paper in London for 147 years. We are changing that from one paper into seven. They will be hyper-local papers covering the same footprint as old South London Press but in much more detail.

The papers will cost 50p.

Obviously, BC advocates the hyperlocal model, but it will be interesting to see whether a paid/print model is viable.

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Anonymous said...

I am sure they will find enough true life or death dramas to quench the public thirst.

The South London Press could always be relied upon to cover stories from the dark underbelly of society. There is surely plenty to go around.

Just as it is unlikely that this esteemed organ will run short of cup cake shop openings, toddler retail emporium launches and opportunities to forensically mull over pavement politics, planning applications the doings of the council.

Newshounds will never be out of work in this nation of nosey parkers, gossips and busy bodies.

Anonymous said...

Then BC's future is assured!

Fong said...

Am sure it wil be one core paper with the first eight or so pages different

Sign of a bouyant property market though. Local papers can only afford to launch new titles when advertisers can pay for them and the biggest source of ad revenue for a local are estate agents

Mb said...

What we really need is a specialist publication for snide, ignorant misanthropists that attack any attempt at positivity. Whether it be some local planting or a brave soul risking all to start a bussiness. The Empty Vessel could be it's working title.

Radio Rental said...

The Southwark News already has a hyperlocal edition for Dulwich, where they move all the local content to the front with the borough wide news at the back. I'd expect this to be the case with the SLP local edition for Deptford and New Cross.

Anonymous said...

Could we have a Brockley version made from pulped copies of Ken's election manifesto?

levesonlite said...

you're right, look at the News shopper model - rarely anyone at the scene just catching up with twitter and hyperlocal blogs etc. It's hard not to feel for aspiring journalists on such a desk based operation. SLP has been in the doldrums for years with a few exceptions.

Mungo said...

Papers themselves are a pretty dead medium, though it might be argued they have more future locally (where general news about the week doesn't have to be especially current or even that exciting) versus nationally (where newer news, often less biased, is available for free).

Radio Rental said...

It's also worth remembering that The Mercury is also owned by Tindle and will probably be repositioned to serve Greenwich, which leaves the pan borough SLP to serve Brockley, Catford, Lewisham, Lee, Downham and Grove Park, with the hyperlocal SLP's for the rest of the borough.

The SLP appears to be going for the News Shopper in FH and Sydenham and the Southwark News in Dulwich.

kolp said...


Radio Rental said...

Did you guys in SE4 get a normal SLP on Friday? I was in FH and they had the new "Forest Hill & Sydenham South London Press" and Dulwich also had it's own paper.

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