Lewisham fourth in national repossession league

[We accidentally ran this story yesterday, ahead of the embargo, and took it down again. We're allowed to write about it now, so here it is]

Brockley Kate has sent us some stats from the housing and homelessness charity Shelter, who claim that Lewisham is the fourth worst hot spot for home respossessions in the country, just behind Dagenham and Redbridge, Knowsley and Thurrock, with 6.51 possession claims per 1,000 homes in the borough. This compares with an average of 3.5 across England.

The figures follow reports that Lewisham would be in the top ten worst affected boroughs by housing benefit cuts.

Shelter commented:

“If you are struggling with mortgage arrears, you may be able to negotiate with your mortgage provider and avoid repossession, so seek advice from organisations like Shelter as soon as your problems start. "Visit shelter.org.uk/advice or call free on 08088 004 444.”


Fattyfattybumbum said...

Turf Bob Crowe out of his Council house and give it to someone in need, as was intended - one less on the list.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Shelter can persuade chariatable landlords to make up the short fall, and claim it against tax.

Anonymous said...

There is a curious logic between this story and the interminable number of new builds that are occurring in Lewisham - I suppose the more new builds you construct the greater chance there is on people defaulting on payment

Except, of course, many of them are purchased by people in the far east who think that Lewisham is a glamourous suburb of London (as Kidbrooke is the upmarket part of Blackheath) for investment purposes (good luck with that)

or bought by housing associations and become rentable, again, so shareholders can have a sensible profit during the economic hardship

Brockley Nick said...

"There is a curious logic between this story and the interminable number of new builds that are occurring in Lewisham"

I don't really follow that. And it would be interesting to know whether there are more new builds per capita in Lewisham than the average for London boroughs? I doubt it. And the problem with the housing market in London is not oversupply...

max said...

It would be interesting to know how many of these are first homes and how many are buy to let investments gone bad.

Anonymous said...

Stop Press: Housing Benefit total bill still very big shock!

Les Battersby said...

Probably as working class is the majority in these parts.

boris johnston said...

we ran this before an embargo was lifted?
what kind of bs is that.

if BC is going to develop and maintain any kind of respect within the local community then freedom of speech is going to have to take precedence over some corporate nose blow.

who's side are you on?

ha - just realised - the chances of this being "moderated" are now 99%


Brockley Nick said...

@bj - yeah, screw the suits at that homeless charity, I have a duty to run this story 24 hours ahead of the agreed time.

Anonymous said...

Re embargos don't they have an implication for our supposedly free press?

It makes me laugh when showbiz/gossip bits of the newspaper hold back news because it's embargoed, as if it's a state secret.

As we've seen at Leveson the culture of the showbiz pages has crepted into news coverage.

Why should a PR company set the agenda as to what news the media can or cannot report.

Brockley Nick said...

Why respect the embargo?

1) An embargo isn't a super-injunction, Shelter have no real comeback if I choose to break the embargo. They could "not send me releases in future", but they didn't send me one either.

2) Shelter isn't Trafigura trying to supress a story they don't like, they are a charity trying to get the maximum exposure for an issue which they think is important.

Embargoes are just friendly requests that one media source doesn't try to run the story ahead of others. Why? Because a "free media" is by definition a "competitive media". If one outlet ran the story yesterday, the others are less likely to run it. Shelter could have just released the story as soon as they were happy for everyone to run it, without any need for an embargo, but by sending it out early, under embargo, they give the journalists time to get their heads around the story, do some further research, interview some experts, etc.

In other words, embargoes are designed to improve the quality of reporting and maximise the reach. Given that this is about an important social issue, that's quite a good reason to respect this one, wouldn't you agree?

Oh, and why should PRs (in-house department, rather than an agency in this case) set the agenda? Because they did the hard work and created the story - carrying out the research, analysing it and presenting it in an interesting way.

Anonymous said...

And because Nick is by nature courteous and compliant where there is no reason not to be.

New Cross ben said...

@Brockley Nick - the shelter website has some pretty decent data and search functionality.

See here for their stats on Council, Housing Assoc, Private and total new starts and completions from 2001-2012: http://bit.ly/KQzxzt

Lewisham is pretty high up for starts and completions over the last couple of years.

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