Brockley resident Jason Page has been in touch about a project he's running, called Gourmandizing. He says:

Gourmandizing started as an artwork by local chef and visual artist Matthew McGuinness after he painted Persepolis' windows on the Peckham High Street as part of "Through the Peckham Glass" with Peckham Space last fall. 

We have also hosted four supper clubs in the past two years, each featuring ingredients from in and around London. As the art work develops, we will continue the suppers and feature recipes that we have gathered from the community. The whole idea about Gourmandizing is to celebrate the diversity and evolution in how people cook and eat here in south east London. 

We would like to know how to use Brockley's ingredients. We want to know your recipes, family heirlooms and fail-safe culinary instructions that have been responsible for keeping you delighted at dinner time. We desire to collect, test, taste, cook and share these recipes with Londoners of other neighborhoods via a mural project. That said, please send us an email, follow us (@gourmandizing) and contribute to the tastiest visual treats on the street.