Grow Wild

Grow Wild is a new food growing, sharing and eating project in New Cross and the surrounding areas, with funding to support local food projects and to create three part-time jobs.

Imogen Slater, co-author of the grant application and a Board Member of Edmund Waller Community Services, one of six core partners in the Grow Wild Project, writes:

"Grow Wild is a project promoting the pleasures of growing and eating food. We want to connect people, draw new people into food growing, and draw more people in to sharing skills and experience.

"With £90,000 from the Big Lottery and Local Food funders to be spent over the next two years, Grow Wild is out to make a difference and have a lot of fun in doing so. Grow Wild is run by a groundbreaking community partnership looking to promote innovative and unusual ways to engage people in food growing and cooking. Grow Wild will be creating three new part time jobs locally, a project manager, food activities co-ordinator and a growing activities co-ordinator,to make wild fun things happen around food.

The project will be formally launched in September, in the mean time, if you are interested in getting involved, please contact Grow Wild project, by emailing Details of the three new jobs are available on their website

Other core partners are Common Growth Community Garden, Bold Vision, Transition Towns New Cross and the Hill Station Community Café.


Mb said... jobs are always good but otherwise will it really impact people's attitude to food in measurable way? If we're going to spend on this kind of thing what not concentrate on teaching people basic cocking skills? I suspect that many people are really not comfortable cooking from scratch. If you missed a generation because your parents didn't cook, you may well be too busy and stressed to learn when you have kids. Easier to by 99p pizza from iceland. It's cooking not unavailability of cheap ingredients of knowledge of where tomatoes come from.

Mb said...

...oh. It does say cooking as well. Point stands though, that's the significant factor.

Grow Wild said...


Thanks for your comments and interest.

Cooking is definitely on the agenda of Grow Wild. We already have some ideas on this such as a mobile field kitchen and cooking workshops.

If you (or anyone else) has ideas or wants to get involved you can email us or visit the website.
Grow Wild

Mb said...

Excellent, I came across a little negative - apologies. But yes, cooking skills are important. I work with middle class professionals, some only ever cook out of a packet or from frozen. Fine if you can afford quality stuff but if you're on a low income, convenience means fat, sugar and bulked out with potatoes and bread. Best of luck!

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