The Gantry - Brockley reacts

We couldn't make it along to The Gantry's opening night last night, but plenty of the BC Twitter community did. BC food critic Brockley Ben will share his thoughts a little later, but here's what you said about it:

Katy: Gantry looks fabulous! Busy bar on ground floor; garden looks wonderful. Looking forward to afternoons there over coffee!

Becky: Just had a quick peek in the Gantry, it looks very quirky, very pleased to have this as my local.

Alastair: It was nicely packed and looks great. They have a bar food menu for a week and then full menu from then on. Food was good. Sam Adams in 2/3 pint glasses only - which was nice . Also Asahi and lots of wine. That's as far as I got.

Paul: Looked v busy when I just walked past. Nicely asymmetrical, too.

Erick: Go and enjoy, it's fantastic.