Crofton Park: Police the hounds!

'A Concerned Resident' writes:

My mother lives in Crofton Park and up until recently so did I. On the night of Sunday 24th June 2012, she decided to go to the local late opening shop on Brockley Road. In order to get there she is required to walk past the Acorn estate agents (former public loos I think - by the roundabout). Between the Acorn estate agents and Rosie's florist is a bench that was installed approximately a couple of years ago. This bench has increasingly become the hang out for all manner of shady people, including a regular who keeps bull-terrier dogs.

On this particular night, my mum paused at her gate to consider whether it was safe to go to her local shop by walking past the potential threats and was chased inside her house by the dogs, who jumped over her front garden and started sniffing and circling her door. The owner did nothing to try to control her dogs.

My mother says a news article appeared in the local newspaper, highlighting concerns raised by local residents regarding this particular bench and the individuals it attracts, but that nothing has been done.

I am writing this to urge as many people as possible to write to the local authority and local politician to address this issue as soon as possible.

I'm not sure who in the Local Authority I would write this to or how I can go about contacting the local politician, but I'm hoping, the feedback here will help me get the ball rolling.