Brockley Nature Reserve opens this weekend

Steve Cleall writes:

This Saturday (9th June) Brockley Nature Reserve (New Cross Gate Cutting) will be open for all to enjoy. The day will run from 12pm until 5pm so come and join the local volunteer group who will be around the nature reserve working on the footpaths to cut back and open up the paths around the nature reserve.

To help out with the volunteer group then please bring with you old clothes that you don't mind getting a little dirty, stout footwear, waterproof coat (in case the weather changes) and a pack lunch - tools, gloves, tea, coffee and biscuits provided.

If you are going to be volunteering with the local group then please bring with you an emergency contact with you. Support throughout the day and training on all the tools will be offered by the local group or the volunteer warden.


Anonymous said...

You have to bring an emergency contact number with you to cut back some bushes! The world's gone mad.

Robert said...

The Brockley Nature Reserve is a vast tract of virgin forest, complete with wolves, bears, and other folkroric creatures of the night.

we have moved on from crumbs of bread - and that story didn't end up too well anyway - so a contact number doesn't seem onerous to me!

Tamsin said...

It is reassuring for the organisers to know there is someone to call when, despite their bests efforts at teaching you to be careful, you drive a bill-hook through your foot and are delirious with pain. Simple forethought and part of a sensible risk assessment.

And some of it does feel pretty isolated, with the allotments opposite looking like sub-Himalayan terrace farms. Great place, glad they are publicising their open day and hope the weather is relatively kind to them.

Anonymous said...

I am glad Robert and Tamsin got there before me! You can't win can you...?If something were to go wrong and anon had no number to contact I am sure they would take great pleasure in blaming LWT for not organising the event properly and having no regard for people's welfair.

DJ said...

Tools?? In my day we cut hedges back with our teeth and broke paving stones with our erections.
Gloves?? It's PC gone mad. We sent children with machetes in their mouths up the trees barefoot to fell branches. They loved it (some died).
Tea and biscuits!? Rainwater and fox shit not good enough now, eh? EH?
This country...

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