UBR Street Party [UPDATED]

Homer: Marge, someone squeezed all the life out of these kids. And unless movies and TV have lied to me, it's a crusty, bitter old Dean! 
Dean: Hi there! Hello, I'm Dean Peterson, but you can call me Bobby. I just want you to know if you ever feel stressed out from studying or whatever, I'm always up for some hackey sack. Or, hey! If you just want to come by and jam, I used to be the bass player for the Pretenders. 
Homer: Boy, I can't wait to take some of the starch out of that stuffed shirt.
- The Simpsons, Homer Goes to College

The "Suggest a Topic" thread (already unwieldy) got clogged over the long weekend by a discussion about a street party that took place at the corner of Upper Brockley Road and Lewisham Way on Monday, June 4th. Some people were unhappy with the scale and noise of the party, which took place without permission from the Council.

The last major party at that location (which coincided with the Royal Wedding) was a contributory factor in one of the local shops losing its alcohol license and, eventually, to the police raids that recently took place in the area.

If you wish to discuss this issue, please use this thread from now on, rather than the "Suggest a Topic" thread.


The News Shopper reports:

Ward councillor Cllr Darren Johnson said the party was full of people travelling from outside the area to "impose themselves on the local community". He said: "Obviously this can't be allowed to continue year in, year out. I'll certainly be asking both the police and council officers to look at all possible enforcement actions to stop repeats of it."

A spokesman for Lewisham Council said: "No road closures were granted to hold a street party in the Upper Brockley Road over the Jubilee bank holiday weekend. Licensing officers did visit the site over the weekend but given the nature of the occasion, the fact it took place during the day on a public holiday, and there were no reports of fighting or other anti-social behaviour, it was not thought appropriate to shut the party down."