The Hilly Fields Midsummer Fayre today

A quick reminder that the Midsummer Fayre takes place today in Hilly Fields, starting at 12pm. Details here.


Kolp said...

So much to do locally. Brockley Market, Hilly Fields fayre, There's a new Nisa (Nisa Today as opposed to Nisa Haynes Park/Brockley).

New Nisa is swish, even nicer than a Tesco Express!

TM said...

Nice to see so many children enjoying themselves playing football and riding their cycles on the Cricket square.
Bit of respect please people :0(

Hardlianotion said...

I can nip out and harangue the miscreants if you like, TM.

Anonymous said...


Highlight of the afternoon was roadrage guy beeping a black bmw with tints. Out steps 6ft something to challenge beeper. Beeper not happy with response goes for (pre-located) tyre iron in the back seat. Once wielded, Mr Talls mates exited BMW around the same time Mr tall had grabbed tyre iron that was waved in his face.

Beeper returned to car sans-wrench to beat a hasty retreat. Only to be politly handed back his weapon through his slightly open window.

Bmw drove off. Red hatchback of MrBeeper slinked over the road to make a phonecall. Had assumed that call was to the police. So was waiting for them to turn up in order to provide a witness statement myself.

Turns out call was to someone already at the fair.

Never did get to see the spider-baby.

Anonymous said...

Extremely well behaved dogs in show! Our Stella got pointiest ears!!! Well done to John Hankinson's team who always do this

Anonymous said...

Nothing seems to bring the community together quite like the opportunity to trade their bric-a-brac.

honestfaretroll said...

Enjoyed my honest hotdog from the Brockley Soc bbq. Only criticism would have liked some mustard.

Anonymous said...

Loved it. Got a brand new pair of trainers and a barely used tennis racquet for £9 total, and was even up on Hilly Fields tennis courts the next day using both!

And congratulations to Stella the dog! Hearing the tannoy announcements during the dog show was one of the highlights for me... "Waggiest tail"... so flipping cute :).

I went to the Dulwich Park fayre a few weeks back and it wasn't a patch on Brockley's. We win! Not that it's a competition. Oh no.

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