Leyton reoriented

As Whitechapel goes, so goes Leyton. The Daily Mail reports that Waltham Forest Council has followed Tower Hamlets' lead and smartened up one of the high streets that will serve as a gateway to the Games. Here's an example of the work, the article features several more:

The transformation of the buildings was made possible by a slug of public money (Council funding married with national government's Working Neighbourhoods Fund). However, the store front makeovers show that  any shop can make a positive contribution to the look and feel of a high street and, in doing so, increase the number of visitors. It's enlightened self-interest, but it relies on a collective vision.

There's no reason why a newsagent or a post office can't look as handsome as Gently Elephant - Leyton shows what could be done if the existing guidelines for shops on Brockley Road were enforced. And if Ladbrokes and Pizza Hut can smarten their acts up here, they can do it on Lewisham Way or Deptford High Street too.