Found cat on St Donatts Road

Gareth and Anna write:

We came home to our house on St Donatts Road last night (Saturday) to find a beautiful and extremely friendly cat on our doorstep hiding from the rain. He ran inside as soon as we opened the door and has made himself right at home.
There was a note round its neck asking if the cat belonged to anyone and gave a phone number which we duly called. It turned out to be someone three doors down who said that the cat had been in his garden for most of the last week.

The neighbour has tried asking all the usual local cat places to take it and apparently got him scanned for a microchip with John Hankinson Vet but without any luck. They're off on holiday for a week so we have said that we would take on the task of trying to find his owners.

To this end we'd be grateful if you could post this photo of him on BC to see if any readers know the cat or where he's from. We'll be putting up some posters too once it's stopped raining. Anyone with any info can email