Lewisham's Summer Like No Other

In our day job, BC is currently involved in helping to promote A Summer Like No Other - a massive free arts festival across the capital that will cover every London borough, during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The focus will be on outdoor events and helping people to discover new parts of the capital with a host of Secrets, Surprises and live shows.

The summer programme will be available on the Mayor of London Presents website, but details of the events taking place in Lewisham were announced today and we're particularly pleased that they include a visit by 'Saurus', which will be awesome:

11.00am – 7.00pm, 11th August

· Wet Picnic presents The Dinner Table - Enjoy a crash course in table manners in this eccentric foodie extravaganza directed by Petra Massey of Spy Monkey.
· Close Act presents Saurus - The biggest beasts that ever walked the earth return with a deafening roar. And they’re hungry. Get ready to be scared!
· Event International presents Red Poppy Ladies’ Percussion - Relive the best of the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony in a spell binding show from China’s all-female percussion band.
· Lyrix Organix presents Relay – A live event featuring the finest poets, beatboxers, hip hop and freestyle in an original live experience like no other.
· Bash Street Theatre presents The Strongman – Based on the silent movies of Charlie Chaplin this show combines silent comedy, circus skills, music and magic in a story about a roaming travelling theatre troupe
· Upswing presents Loved Up - A light hearted, fast paced fusion of aerial bunjee dance and hip hop exploring modern love and urban relationships.

More details soon...