The Hobgoblin, New Cross Road

BC review to follow. Please post your comments and reviews here.


patrick1971 said...

Not a real fan of this pub. It's grotty studenty rather than trendy studenty. Interior's a bit of a mess. The saving grace, and really the only reason to go here IMHO is the enormous beer garden at the back.

Anonymous said...

Agreed - staff are awful too

spincat said...

I think it was bought by a big company (?) some years back - it was a better pub at one time, well, it had some atmosphere and good Karaoke nights a long time ago. I don't go now - agree with the above.

Robert in the Underworld said...

There are worse place to go if you're in New X, but it certainly isn't great... The food is v poor. The beer garden is useful in Summer though.

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