Ten Excellent Blogs

Brockley Central was recently included in The Telegraph Communities Editor's list of ten excellent blogs. As a result, I'm expected to nominate ten more excellent blogs. Here they are:


I've never voted Green and I don't live in Ladywell, but GreenLadywell should be the template for every other local politician to follow. Sue Luxton's genuine commitment to the area and her hard work are clear to see, the posts are regular and informative and she is prepared to take and respond to criticism. She also gets stuck in to other local blogs (like this one) in order to reach a wider audience. Lots of politicians talk about using the internet to engage with people - but few do it as well as Sue and Ute.

UK resistance

I don't really play video games anymore either, but this site is a consistently funny paean to all things SEGA (and an era in which games all featured brightly coloured characters, set against vivid blue skies) and a vitriolic campaign against Sony. It's a culture war I never knew existed, let alone thought I'd take sides in.

Anna Pickard

What's better than sitting in your living room heaping scorn on The Apprentice candidates every Wednesday night? Doing so while reading Anna Pickard's live blog on the Guardian, sharing a whole nation's derision.

Larry David

He writes rarely, but Larry David's posts are worth the wait.

Rocket Boom

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to nominate this one because technically it's a vlog - a video blog. Each day, there's a new, dreamily-shot, short film about some aspect of technology. Best when it avoids political "satire" and sticks to footage of funny robots.

Richard Edelman

Because if I'm going to include a blog for the company I work for, I may as well go right to the top. Richard Edelman is the president and CEO of Edelman - which is the world's largest independent PR firm - and he's passionate about blogging. If Richard hadn't trumpeted the importance of the blogosphere so regularly at company meetings, it's doubtful it would have occurred to me to start Brockley Central.

Robert Peston

Good, clear business journalism.

Comment Central

Daniel Finkelstein's agreeably eclectic blog hoovers up an array of the most interesting articles online and he regularly lobs in some provocative opinions of his own, to keep it interesting.

And since BC's a collaborative effort, I asked Jon and Kate for nominations too. Jon went AWOL so Kate gets two:

Paul Linford

Paul Linford, an ex-Lobby journalist with some interesting insights into political news stories.

Little Red Boat

For sheer personality and amusing writing.