All set for the Fun Run

This Sunday, more than 300 runners are expected to take part in Brockley's first ever fun run, beating the target set and ensuring that the event will be a big success.

But organisers Erin and Rob say there's still room - and time - for more people to take part in the 5km circuit of Hilly Fields.

"This is a last call for runners to sign-up. Our final list has to be in today. If anyone's been planning to register, please drop in your form to the Broca, or sign-up online without delay. And if you can't take part, then please come along and show your support."

And as if their encouragement wasn't enough, Brockley's very-own 'sexual terrorist' sprinkled a little stardust on the occasion. Richard Newman, Big Brother contestant (in a time when the show still really mattered), presenter on Gaydar Radio and good egg, said:

"Good luck to all Sunday's runners, it promises to be a great day. I know there will be a wonderful turnout - the fine folk of Brockley won't let us down. If you've been thinking about signing-up, don't delay!"


Brockley Jon said...

Due to prior engagements (we do have lives, you know), none of the Brockley Central team are able to take part, so we call on you, our loyal readers, to leave comments about the event, the atmosphere, and your experience. You can even send us some photos.

Good luck to all taking part!!

Brockley Nick said...

Way to undercut the piece Jon! ;)

I will be out of the country - I don't know what Jon and Kate's excuses are.

But regardless - please do as we say, not as we do - sign-up, take part if you can.

Headhunter said...

Can we enter on the day? I've got (another) birthday party on Sat night which might get messy, if so I don't want to feel obliged to go running! Is anyone from Brock Cent going to set up a base camp for us all to rally round at start and finish?

Brockley Kate said...

I'll be on top of a mountain in Cumbria. Otherwise wild horses wouldn't have stopped me from taking part.

(Is anyone else doing the Blackheath Cancer Research 5k this summer?)

Bea said...

Won't be running but hope to watch.

Anyone know there start and finishing lines are and what time the start is, please?

Anonymous said...

I will be running (or walking a bit)- sign up people it will be a laugh!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll be there

patrick1971 said...

Not this Sunday as I have a wedding to go to on Saturday. But would maybe be interested for next year.

I had no idea that BB's Richard lived in Brockley. Maybe we should have another thread about famous Brockleyites? The two I can think of are Spike Milligan, lived in Honor Oak Park, and Edith Nesbit, lived in Elswick Road off Loampit Hill (her house has a plaque on it).

andy pandy pudding & pie said...

I'm going to go there on sunday, not taking part, i dont do running...!

Tom said...

I'll be there. Proudly wearing my Brockley T-shirt! (A blue one, in case anyone spots me!)

Anonymous said...

Andy pandy - bring your lovely cats!!

headhunter said...

Patrick - here is a list of famous Brockley-ites past and present. Courtesy of Wiki

Ed Petrie, TV presenter and stand-up comedian
Rosie Barnes, MP for Greenwich (1987 - 1992), Chief Executive of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust (1996 - date), lives on Tressillian Road.
Alan Brownjohn, the poet and novelist attended Brockley County School
Kate Bush, the singer, lived on Tressillian Road
Gabrielle, the singer, lived in Brockley
David Haig, the actor and writer, lives on the corner of Harefield and Wickham Road.
Matt Hales, singer, songwriter of Aqualung [3]
Darren Johnson, Green Party politician
David Jones, modernist poet and artist, was born in Brockley in 1895 and often stayed at his parents house in Howson Road until his mothers death in 1936. Some of his drawings depict the house and garden. He attended Camberwell School of Art in 1909.
Lily Langtry, the actress and mistress of King Edward VII of the United Kingdom, lived at 42, Wickham Road [4]
Marie Lloyd, the music hall singer, lived at 196 Wickham Terrace in 1891-2. [5]
David Lodge (author), grew up in Brockley and writes about the area in his novels The Picturegoers and Therapy.
Sybil Phoenix, former Mayoress of Lewisham and first black woman to receive the M.B.E., to become a Freeman of the City of London and Freeman of the Borough of Lewisham, local resident.
Montague Summers, eccentric writer, taught at Brockley County School
Edgar Wallace, author and original screenwriter of King Kong, lived at 6 Tresillian Crescent, Brockley, between 1900 and 1932.
Sir Willard White (C.B.E), famous opera singer, born Jamaica 1946, once lived in Montague Avenue, Brockley.
Henry Williamson, writer and author of Tarka the Otter, was born in 1895 at 66 Braxfield Rd and lived at 21 Eastern Road, Brockley, during his childhood in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. He describes turn of the century Brockley in great detail in his semi-autobiographical novels, The Dark Lantern and Donkey Boy.
Shaun Wright-Phillips, the footballer, grew up in Brockley and attended Haberdashers' Aske's Hatcham College.
Nick Brookes, singer-songwriter, lives on Tressillian Road.
Members of the band indigo Moss are known to have at some point lived in this area.
Athlete (band),(formed 1999) keyboard player Tim Wanstall grew up around and still lives in Brockley. The band used to rehearse at the Bear Cafe in Deptford High St.
Anita Klein, artist and printmaker has lived in Brockley for many years.
Emily Davidson, suffragette, born Blackheath 1872 died at the Epsom Derby in 1913 after stepping in front of the King's horse. Lived for a time in Brockley.
Paul Theroux, his 1976 novel The Family Arsenal is set in Cliff Terrace off St Johns Vale.
Nick Nicely, musician. His 1982 cult psychedelic classic Hilly Fields was inspired by the park of the same name.
Paul Drury, artist, born Tressillian Rd 1903. Taught Goldsmiths College of Art.
Bobby Valentino: singer; songwriter; musician and actor has lived in Brockley for the past 30 years. He is best known as the co-writer and violinist of the Bluebells it single "Young at Heart".
The comedian Spike Milligan (1918-2002), lived at 50 Riseldine Road (which is on the cusp of Crofton Park and Honor Oak) after coming to England from India in the 1930s.
Eksman, a drum and bass MC, was born here.
John Cale (Musician) with the Velvet Underground was a student at Goldsmiths College and lived on Wickham Rd in the student halls of residence.

andy pandy pudding & pie said...

I might do that actually, depends if i find a friend to take one of them - can't handle both at the same time (little blighters!)

Brockley Nick said...

There are one or two threads about celebs on "celebrities" at the bottom of the article...

Anonymous said...

And a few more well-known current/former Brockley/Ladywell/Honor Oak residents:

Philip Quast, actor and triple Olivier Award winner
Adrian Lukis, actor (Wickham in BBC 1995 Pride and Prejudice)
Frank Barrie, actor
Robert Hayward, opera singer
Clive Russell, immensely tall Scottish actor
Raj James, actor (formerly in EastEnders)
Timothy Spall, actor, lives/d in Honor Oak
His son Rafe Spall, also actor - went to Aske's
Ian Wright, footballer - went to Gordbonbrock
Maxi Priest, reggae singer - ditto

Headhunter said...

Maxi Priest! My god - there's a blast from the past...

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me the route of the run please?

andy pandy pudding & pie said...

whos maxi priest?

Danja said...

He's a big fat pig with a dog collar, Andy.

Ian Wright - still sometimes gets his hair cut at Paul's. Plenty of pictures on the shelf to prove the point.

veggiegirl said...

@Brockley Kate - I might be doing the Blackheath Race for Life, depends on holiday plans which are still up in the air, but I've done it twice now and would like to do it this year if I can.

Cllr Dean Walton said...

I took part in today's fun run - not got my official time but think it was between 30-25 minutes.

Today's event was everything it promised to be...and more. It was good fun, it introduced a wide range of people to the joys of running in our lovely open spaces, it provided a bit of a spectacle on a pleasant Sunday morning, and further it brought together a large number of people in Brockley. I hope that this is the first such 'Fun Run' of many, and that this can become a more regular event in the Brockley Calendar...and I have some work to do to beat my time this year.

Some pics on my personal blog.

Anonymous said...

I also took part. Yes me, "anonymous" :)

Did anyone think it felt like less than 5km? Don't get me wrong, the hilly bits were knackering - but the distance felt short to me.

A great fun day out - I think there were about 250 runners. Thanks to Broca etc. for the cool T shirts, milkshakes and cereal bars, and medals!

Glad also that the rain only came out after most people crossed the finish line :)

Anonymous said...

It felt long enough to me!!

Anonymous said...

What a great day. A big thanks to the organisers - esp the girl from the Broca It was a great way for the community to get together and I hope it's the first of many fun runs.

Liz said...

It was a great morning and so well organised.

Thanks to everyone involved and the families that came to cheer us all on.

Anonymous said...

I am really sorry that I couldn't come. I hope to be there next time! go brockley!!!

veggiegirl said...

Congratulations to all on a great event! Plenty of water available and the cereal bars were a very welcome post-run snack. I think the distance was just a touch under 5km (my Garmin measured it as 2.92 miles) but after all the hills I was just pleased to see the finish line :-)

b. said...
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b. said...

excellent morning i must say - quite a change from the usual 'moan and groan with a hangover at home' we get up to a normal sunday. this time is was 'moan and groan out in public' which is always better.

well done to all the runners, and of course to the organisers. VERY good morning out.

Anonymous said...

Are there any photos of the fun run?

Brockley Nick said...

Dean's got some on his blog (link on the right-hand column).

Someone has emailed me to say they're going to email me their photos to post later too.

b. said...

there was definitely a few people taking some, so if they come through to BC (of course they will) - stick em up.

Tamsin said...

Celebs in Brockley... Chris Tarrant was at one time a supply teacher in the Brockley School on Wallbutton Road, later Hatcham Wood, later Telegraph Hill then demolished with Crossways Academy now built on the site.

Tamsin said...

And Robert Browning lived in a cottage on the site of the Haberdashers' Maths block until the time of his secret marriage and elopement with Elizabeth Barrett.

Monkeyboy said...

...and Barnes Wallis (of bouncing bomb fame) lived in New Cross.

Monkeyboy said...

...and Barnes Wallis (of bouncing bomb fame) lived in New Cross.

Anonymous said...

The fun run results are now available at

fintan (one of the butterflies)

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