Tapastry Tapas Bar, Honor Oak Park

Our first visit to Tapastry last weekend was an enjoyable one, but the place seemed to suffer from a general lack of communication.

Just booking a table proved difficult enough, with us constantly reaching the answer machine. Eventually we received a message in return from Tapastry to confirm our booking, but it was left on our house phone, not the mobile number we’d supplied – useless, since we were out for the evening.

When we turned up, our name (or an interpretation of it) was scribbled in the book, but alas, no table. Not to worry, the manager was very welcoming, and we sat at the bar enjoying a lovely pint of Cruzcampo. We were offered a choice of tables, which were soon to become vacant, and informed the manager which one we’d like, but when it eventually became free, it was snapped up by a couple of passing buzzards, who swooped in before we could get off our bar stools. Rather than turfing them out of said hallowed table, we were then told that we should take a table in the corner or we ‘could be waiting for some time’.

For our food, we ordered a selection of hot and cold tapas, asking that the bread, olives, and manchego cheese be brought out first, before the warm dishes. As it all arrived together, five minutes later, we realised that this was not a place that plays by the rules, but one that just goes with the flow!

The food itself was excellent, and at a decent price. The atmosphere was also buzzing, and the music eclectic but cool (theme tune from Minder, anyone?). Tapastry is exactly the kind of place that Brockley Cross could do with, albeit slightly better organised. It is no doubt worth the walk to Honor Oak, and we’d love to know what you think. Perhaps try it on a weekday night.


patrick1971 said...

God, that experience would have left me seething before I'd even got to eat anything! Well done for not walking out. At least the food sounds like it made up for it. May be tempted to check it out if I'm feeling masochistic!

Speaking of local tapas bars, I can't remember what it's called but I can definitely recommend the one underneath Deptford Bridge station, on the north side of Deptford Broadway. Very friendly staff, never that crowded in the evening, good food well priced.

Anonymous said...

Yep the food is good. It's nearly always busy, so that must be a good sign too.

Anonymous said...

we've been there once and it was good.

But in it's previous incarnation it was fantastic - the perfect neighbourhood restaurant. Run by a canadian - who had been a chef in a v good west end market. It became our regular haunt. Then the owner went back to Canada for Christmas - leaving a note on the door, and message on the answermachine saying he'd be back on the 14 January, but bizarrely never returned. It was a bit of a mystery.

Anonymous said...

One visit was enough for me I'm afraid, dirty tables though it wasn't very busy, and they couldn't leave onions out of anything as it was all already made up. Maybe we got an off night, but can't see myself going back. And yes I too mourn the previous incarnation (the Red Room?), which was brilliant - cosy, welcoming and close to perfect.

Anonymous said...

I'm never quite sure about tapas bars - making you pay for something that in its original incarnation (i.e. the Spanish equivalent of bar snacks) you got free with your drinks always seemed a bit of a cheek.

Having said that, only the British could come up with the frankly nightmarish concept of "all-you-can-eat tapas", which I've seen advertised in a few places.

Anonymous said...

Tapas isn't always free though - I've certainly paid for it before in several places in Spain, I don't think they were charging me because I was obviously a tourist either because at times I've been with Spanish people/a Spanish speaker.

Love the pintxos/pinchos or however they spell it in places like San Sebastien in the Basque area. They have more unusual things like sea urchin

Brockley Nick said...

When Jon and I went to the Talbot last, they were serving some pallid tapas, but they were free!

Anonymous said...

@ mg - yes, that's what it was called in its earlier life - The Red Room. wonderful, wonderful restaurant. short but excellent menu. Lovely ambiance. Good wine list. And always busy. We were in clover - and then ... just like that ... it closed. What happened?

Anonymous said...

Dear Brockley Mutha,
As to what happened at the Red Rooms. Well, there was a big problem with the lease-holder and he ran off with lots of debts back to Canada.
Ps: I used to work there.

Anonymous said...

Brockley mutha,

then Jason from Tapastry bought the lease real cheap after the trouble from Red Rooms.

Personally I think the food is absolutely great, the ingredients are sourced well.

Whoever designed the shop needs shooting. It doesn't feel welcoming. Have you ever been there in winter? You'd be freezing your socks off!

The lighting is too dim, reading glasses won't do anything for the middle age 'us'.

Basically, the ambient is awful so I usually get a take-away instead and eat in the comfort of my own home.

Also, the chair is stiff unless you get the comfier seats right by the window...then again it's like people looking into a fishbowl!

Anonymous said...

ahhh - so that's what happened. another brockley mystery solved. but the red room seemed to be doing so well - was the lease holder just pocketing all the cash.

Anonymous said...

I have only been to this place once and will never go again.
The food was below average, the place lacks ambience and the staff are just not professional.
The wine was ok but we finished our meal with the worst coffee ever!

We were very disappointed as the Red Room used to be a great place .Bring it back!

Anonymous said...

An awful Tapas restaurant, service extremely slow despite only an handful of people being at the bar. The Mojito's were awful, and there second attempt was just as bad and left undrunk. The food was mediocre and we suspect reheated frozen food. They forgot one of our dishes, brought the wrong wine and then added an extra 2 bottles of wine onto the bill. We shall not be going back there.

patrick1971 said...

Went through Honor Oak on the bus on Saturday and it looked like Tapastry had closed, replaced by a bar called something I know can't remember. Anyone have any info?

Anonymous said...

What really bad experience me and my wife had.

Jayson, the owner, is a baffaling fool without a clue how to run a restaurant, scurrying around like a headless chicken all night.

They were understaffed and i really felt sorry for the young waiter who was trying his best.

when we got our food it it looked as if the chef had just dumped it on a plate and sprinkled some green herbs to hide the true un-inventiveness of the food.

The wine list is ok but the shorts available is shocking for a bar...

anyone planning on going here should think twice

Anonymous said...

That's such a shame. I was stuck in traffic the other day outside it, and thought it looked like a great place to try.

Anonymous said...

This experience was about 3 months ago. I walked past the other day and they seemed to have had a bit of a revamp.

still not sure if i want to spend my cash in there

Anonymous said...

Tapastry has always been fantastic when we've been there. Bars / restaurants on Honor Oak Park are vulnerable enough as it is and would hate to see people put off by negative comments.

oryx said...

I've only been twice but on both occasions found the food and drink really good and the service perfectly OK.

The last meal I had there included some fantastically tender squid and a very well-made mojito.

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