True confessions

The wishlist of local shops and services BC readers would like to see in the area grows ever longer, but there's a dark side to this issue, an aspect people whisper about shamefacedly but which hasn't yet been dragged out into the light.

So it's time for Brockley Central to go a little bit Oprah and ask for readers' true confessions - what local shops and services wouldn't you use? What's currently on offer in the area that wild horses couldn't drag you into?

To kick the discussion off, this little corner of BC has to admit that we wouldn't use a local hairdresser. That's not to cast aspersions on their abilities, we're sure they'd do an ok job. But after years of searching we've finally found somewhere we like, which doesn't make us feel uncomfortably untrendy or ripped off, and unfortunately it's not in Brockley.

We also have to admit that we can't imagine a world in which we'd set foot in Gulen's winebar, simply because it has always seemed a bit odd and extremely unwelcoming. Please feel free to contradict if you've had positive experiences there though.

So there we go - BC's true confession. What's yours?