Brockley Bites

Brockley Butterflies to run the Marathon in honour of local woman

Local running team the Butterflies will be taking part in this weekend's London Marathon in honour of local girl Seana Culwin, who died last year, aged only 26, from an incurable autoimmune disease called Lupus.

Seana Culwin was a very active volunteer in the local community, working with children in Brockley and Honor Oak. After she died, the family received cards from local families who'd been touched by her life. She has a bench in her honour in Hilly Fields.

The Butterflies consist of Seana's father, step-mother, sister and her friend and they'll be running in bright yellow body paint and lilac butterfly wings.

The Butterflies will be raising awareness of St Thomas' Lupus Trust and will be making an appearance at the Brockley Fun Run.

The Postcodes Project

The Museum of London has begun an online initiative called The Postcodes Projects which highlights moments of local history for each postcode. The entry for SE4 reveals that, even before the Greens ran the town, Brockley was a hotbed of progressive politics.

Given what JPM managed to dig up the other day about the Knights Templar, we're a little underwhelmed with the current entry, but it's an interesting little snapshot nonetheless. Thanks to Andrew Brown for sending this our way.

Ashmead Road

Readers Joanne wanted to know whether any BC reader could help her with this question:

Does anyone know why Ashmead Road has suddenly turned into being one way? I am guessing it may have something to do with the redevelopment of the first school which is in progress but it's really, really annoying since I now can't get out of my drive (at the back of the house) and round to the front of the house without doing a loop round Friendly Street and Lewisham Way. Please tell me it's not permanent!

Night of glory for Brockley Central

Telegraph journalist Shane Richmond has shown that people from Brockley who achieve greatness don't forget their roots. He very kindly included Brockley Central on his list of "Ten Excellent Blogs". Nominees are expected to nominate their top-ten in turn. Something we shall have to put some thought in to!