Brockley Bites

Big plans for the Telegraph Hill Centre

A local architect and artist have joined forces to try and redevelop the Telegraph Hill Centre and Cafe Orange into an interconnected building that will house a new state of the arts venue. They discussed their plans with local residents recently during the Telegraph Hill Festival. The site is large, with stunning views of the capital and attendees were impressed by the scope and vision of the project. We hope to bring you a more detailed feature about this plan, in the near future.

Brockley's Shared Stories

A new website has been set up to play host to stories inspired by London's streets. Brockley's entries somehow do without mention of delis or yellow signs.

Four recruits for BrocSoc

Brockley Central readers have shown that they have some trousers to go with their mouth. The recent article about the Brockley Society generated four new volunteers for the conservation area group. BrocSoc have contacted us to say they're thrilled with the response and will be contacting the volunteers shortly.

Butterflies descend on Hilly Fields

Having completed the London Marathon in 5 hours 50 mins, the Brockley Butterflies, will be taking part in next Sunday's Hilly Fields Fun Run.

See their marathon interview here.

Livesy Museum hope

The 'Save the Livesy' campaign is celebrating three bits of good news which suggest that the Livesy Museum for children, located on the Old Kent Road, may yet have a future.

Southwark Council have admitted that they don't own the building outright so can't sell it or lease it and that they breached the conditions of the original indenture. They say it would also be a breach of their trust if they just allowed the Friends to run the Museum, so they are working with the Charity Commission to set up a scheme for its new future. The Friends of Livesy Museum have also been invited to meet with the Council to discuss their proposal and they have lined up a meeting with Schools Minister, Jim Knight.

With thanks to Fabhat, who provided a large chunk of today's edition.