The Brockley Fun Run in words and pictures

Following Sunday's inaugural Brockley Fun Run, organiser Erin Essex said:

Congratulations and thank you to all those who participated in I Love Brockley Fun Run 2008 supported by The Brockley Cross Action Group (BXAG). Over 250 people raced up, down and around Hilly Fields on Sunday 27 April 2008. Over 100 local supporters come out to cheer the runners on.

They were running to help raise money for the Brockley Common, one of the BXAG’s main projects. The money raised will be used towardthe creation of the Common, a new open public space behind Brockley station ticket office. Please see the website for more information as well as official race times.

The I Love Brockley Fun Run 2008 was a great way to encourage people to be fit, healthy and enjoy our wonderful green spaces in Brockley. There were two Sumo wrestlers, a devil, a North American native chief and a runner on stilts alongside families, prams, dogs and loads of local community runners. It was a truly amazing morning. It will definitely be anannual event!

The BXAG group has approx 30 “I Love Brockley” Badger t-shirts left from the limited edition 300 print. They are currently for sale for £10 at the Broca coffeeshop at 4 Coulgate Street, Brockley SE4 2RW. All the proceeds will go the BXAG.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these

Seconding the request for larger versions of the previous set of photos though!

Anonymous said...

have you tried clicking on them?!

Anonymous said...

The PREVIOUS set (2 blog posts down), not these ;-)

Anonymous said...

Nick, do you happen to know how much the event raised?

Anonymous said...

Off the subject, sorry. But this is just breaking on Channel 4. Looks like Lewisham is one of the councils landed with a bail hostel - without being consulted! A reader recently said there was a house in the Conservation area that he tried to buy but was blocked for doing so because it was being used as some sort of halfway house. Are the two connected?


Channel 4 News will disclose the location of 150 privately-run bail hostels to open within a month. Local authorities say they weren't consulted.

Lead story - TONIGHT AT 7PM.

Channel 4 News can exclusively reveal that hundreds of homes across England and Wales are being secretly converted into special hostels for prisoners released early from overcrowded jails.

Channel 4 News has also discovered that hostel occupants will be unsupervised, and that the local authorities affected have complained that the company the government's put in charge of the scheme hasn't consulted them or the general public.

Channel 4 News has also learnt that MPs have only just received a letter from the Ministry of Justice to inform them if they have a privately run bail hostel opening up in their area despite an estimated 150 being ready to open in the next month.

The private company is called Clearsprings and has been selected by the government to handle the project of setting up bail hostels to house people who’ve either been let out of jail early or those awaiting trial.

Clearsprings say that occupants will only be ‘low risk’: only offenders that prison governors deem low risk to the public are eligible. BUT offenders in public sector hostels would be supervised 24 hours a day. Not so under Clearsprings.

Ertan Hurer, a councillor in the London Borough of Enfield, told Channel 4 News he was furious his council had not been consulted. Clearsprings has sited no fewer than 13 bail hostels in Enfield alone. He says that this is “a serious problem that needs to be looked at”. He adds:

“Clearsprings has said that the people occupying the hostels will be low risk, there is no guarantee that they will not commit an offence, and I think again that is a serious problem that needs to be looked at.”

Mr Hurer also told the programme that as of yet they have had no direct contact with Clearsprings despite requesting a meeting to air their concerns.

Mr Hurer also told us that those people living in his borough will be horrified saying:

“When people find out I think one of the first questions they will ask is why weren't we informed?”

Suggesting that if: “before you go out into the community you actually allay peoples' fears, then you may not get the reaction which you are going to get - which will be absolute horror”.

Because: “The community will feel ‘why didn't you tell us? Why weren't we informed before? Why is it being kept a secret?’”



Barking and Dagenham












Waltham Forest

Anonymous said...

does anyone know where they will be located? it has the potential to be really frightening and people should know and be extra vigilant.

Anonymous said...

I have to say this is disturbing news, but one must react calmly. We hear lots of stories about individuals let out early who go on to commit awful crimes, but we must remember they make the news because of the rarity.

We need to get onto the council about this to ensure that the appropiate risk assessments have been done for residents of such a densely populated as the conservation area.

Anonymous said...

Err and it's not even news yet. We don't know anything, so calm down.

Anonymous said...

oh god, its the NIMBY brigade again! ITs so bad for the conservation area.. ARGHH!!!

you guys are so reactionary, about time you grew up abit.

Anonymous said...

Now you know how the rest of us feel when we read your trollery.

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show how stupid some people are. There was a half way house right next to Brockley station for years and no one cared. As soon as someone hears a rumour that it could be - in the conservation area - GOSH then world war 3 begins..

Lets call in the RAF!!!

Mobile the civil defence force !!!

Get a petition going!!!!

Get all those fabulous green councillors on board - they wil listen, they dont have convictions after all!!!!

Anonymous said...

Surely they should invest in building more jails rather than release them early into the community? Bloody rubbish government.

Back to the main thread - well done Erin on organizing the fantastic fun run. Didnt make it this year as was on holiday but will certainly do the next one. Best of luck with the new park!

Anonymous said...

Steering this back to a thread on running rather than prison reform...

For anyone that's interested there's a similar Run for Moore event happening in July in blackheath. Blokes only - though skirt may instead do the Race for Life

Anonymous said...

Is football happening again this Sunday? I couldn't make last weekend because of the fun run.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this - thanks to all the organisers. Looking forward to next year's!

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