The Brockley Fun Run in Pictures

Thanks to Stuart for the pictures of the day.

Bringing the community together

Nothing says "fun run" like comedy glasses (the ones on the right)

Except possibly comedy sumos (and butterflies)

The tale of the tape

Thumbs-up from organiser Erin


Anonymous said...

Lovely - any chance of seeing them full-size?

Amanda said...

Ah it looks lovely, in the end I couldn't take part, I feel gutted. Well done to everyone who participated and the 'mad props' to the organisers Erin of Broca.

I WILL be there, next year, no exams.

T1 said...

Yep, was a brilliant morning.

Absolutely exhausting course though - roughly a figure of eight and then a loop.

I was chatting to one of the organisers and he said it was so hilly 'to give the elite runners something to work on'. Er, cheers.

And that's me in the blue T-shirt in the bottom picture, pulling faces because of my very strained calf muscles!

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