Pop Up Shop

Brockley Central wearies of waiting for the Tea Factory's slow striptease - we are ready for our new gallery and coffee shop now thank you. We grow frustrated at our inability to find out what, if anything is happening to the "west side cafe" or the final Harefield Road unit. The makeovers of The Talbot and Meze Mangal seem far, far away.

We also know that occasionally people come on to the site, by googling terms like "shops to let in se4" or "commercial estate agents in Brockley". So people out there are sniffing around the area.

This thread is a conceived as a local wishlist, operating on a collective cosmic ordering principle. If enough of us believe that box 21 contains £250,000, then it will be so. Let's give Brockley Central's passing entrepreneurs a helping hand.

So please nominate the kinds of businesses you'd like to see opening locally, being as specific as possible and giving examples, if possible.

For example, we've long made-known our desire for a tapas bar in Brockley, but specifically, we'd like something a bit like Meson Don Felipe in Waterloo.