The Big Match - Live!

The first time we clapped eyes on Ecosium it was a warm sunny afternoon, the windows were wide open on to the street. People sat drinking beer while wide-screen tellies played silently in the background.

Our immediate thought was that this would be the perfect place to watch World Cup and European Championship matches, in the summer. With England failing to qualify and Ecosium failing to create much of a "big match atmosphere", even on the best of days, we quietly abandoned those dreams.

This week's Champions League semi-finals (Manchester United v Barcelona, Chelsea v Liverpool) forces us to revisit the issue... where's the best place in Brockley to watch football?


Anonymous said...

I've often been disappointed by the lack of football watching opportunities in the Brockley area. In recent times I've resorted to the Brockley Jack which I never really enjoyed. Then there's the Wickham Arms which can be a bit cliquey. I've often wondered about the Brockley Social Club next to the petrol station but assummed you had to be a member. I remember Jam Circus showing World Cup matches 2 years ago but that was only because England were in the competition.

Anonymous said...

Albertines on Lewisham Way (at the end of Wickham Road) has been a great find for me ever since i stumbled across it during the Champions League Group stages. It's not only become progressively livelier; the decor & bathrooms have also been overhauled in the last month or so. With decent prices screens galore & a pool table - i'm chuffed to have it on my doorstep. I'll be there tonight and tomorrow night - can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Since the demise of Sky at the Talbot, only terrestrial matches are shown and on a much smaller screen.

The Wickham is probably the only pub still showing Sky in Brockley at least whilst the Brockley Jack is shut. Strictly Albertines is in Deptford post code wise - SE8 not SE4.

The other favourites in the area seem to be the Marquis of Granby and the Walpole both New Cross - SE14.

Anonymous said...

237 Lewisham Way

Gets my vote.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what that pub almost opposite the Babur Indian restaurant is called, but they show matches and had a great atmosphere when I dropped in to watch a game a few months back...

Anonymous said...

Isn't it called 'The Chandos'

Always wondered what a 'Chandos' is & who the Marquis of Granby was . . .

Anonymous said...

Sorry but football's crap. Wouldn't waste my time. If there's a big match on it's a great day to head out on the bike as the roads are clearer

T1 said...

The Marquis of Granby was a military and political figure in the 18th century who is supposed to have sponsored ex-soldiers to set up pubs.

Chandos probably also has an aristocratic meaning - there were Dukes of Chandos way back when. Don't know the link with Brockley though!

Anonymous said...

There used to be a pub called The Granby Tavern" near the Cemetery Junction in Reading.

It was bought by a company called Edennote in about 1990.

What has this got to do with anything? - you may ask.

For those of you with short memories, Google edennote, and you will see that the thread has been neatly brought back on topic.

Anonymous said...

Whoops - hoisted by my own postcode pedentry petard.

How's that for alliteration!

Albertines, welcome to Brockley, but how come St John's Church is in SE8?

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