Saigon Blues: New restaurant for Lewisham Way

Lewisham Way is often the target of jokes and mild bullying on this blog. But there are flashes of hope, at least along the Brockley stretch. The Meze Mangal bakery is on its way, but we can also look forward to a new restaurant and takeaway, rising from the ashes of the left-hand half of LV Food & Wine, more often referred to on the blog as the 'Chinese Supermarket'.

The restuarant will be managed by the same family who run the supermarket, and is, they admit a decision taken due to increased competition that Tesco has brought.

Local residents must have noticed the building work going on, but yesterday, the restaurant was crowned - as Saigon Blues. But behind the giant fluorescent sign, what will the restaurant be like? We managed to get some answers from manager Chiyung Nim (Chi).

What was the motivation to open the restaurant?

The real motivation in opening the restaurant was to give the public a chance to eat the similar food we do, and a chance for us to get some proper food in the area.

Of course, the shocking decision from the council allowing Tesco to open next door to us effected our business; so in order to carry on within the area we decided to follow a new business path.

What sort of food and drinks will you be serving?

Food is based on selected dishes from Chinese and Vietnamese. We didn't want a whole great big menu with hundreds of dishes, but rather just the few dishes to make them up to our standards. Drinks will be ranging from fruit juices, sodas to alcohol. Takeaways will be available but deliveries are still unsure and not decided yet.

What kind of atmosphere do you want to create?

I think we are aiming towards a laid back and classic theme.

The restaurant aims to be open by late May or early June, and Brockley Central hope to be amongst the first customers. Good luck to all at Saigon Blues!