Pop in! Shop!

As a corollary to Friday's piece asking for nominations for new businesses we'd like to see in the area, we'd like to know which existing businesses deserve more recognition.

It follows a number of people suggesting that Brockley-ites didn't deserve new shops if they didn't support the ones they have. This is of course true, so long as the ones we have are worth supporting. Some simply aren't.

The good businesses we do have, it seems to us, are very well supported and have regular praise heaped upon them from BC readers. From Babur in the south, to Meze Mangal in the north and Smiles Thai Cafe and Degustation in-between, support for local businesses seems very strong.

There are arguably a couple of good places that have failed to attract the number of casual visitors that their interiors deserve. But, like the Wickham Arms, which reneged on its plans to replace the front windows, so that people could actually see in (and out), they only have themselves to blame if their uninviting facades fail to convert the uninitiated.

So, we don't really accept that it's the residents of Brockley who are at fault. But we are happy to be told we're wrong... what are the businesses that are unjustly neglected?