Principles at stake

West Brockley outfit 'Principles Jazz Club' on St Norbert Road, is recommended for imminent closure.

Notable by its absence from the list of readers' reasons why people should spend more time in West Brockley, Principles has been the subject of a Premises Licence Review, due to "Extreme Health and Safety Issues."

The review document (dated April 11 2008) from Lewisham Council notes that:

"Following discussions with the Licensee it has become apparent that the premises are due to close within the next eighteen months and as such the Licensee has stated that he has no funds with which to rectify the situation. In light of this information and the severity of the Health and Safety issues it is the opinion of the Officer that total revocation would be an appropriate course of action in this case."

Should we be ready to mourn its passing?

With thanks to L for the tip-off.


Howard said...

I wonder what Extreme Health is?

Tom said...

Could someone who has been there tell me what are the "extreme health and safety issues"?

Brockley Nick said...

No speculation please. However, I would be interested to hear what it's like.

Bea said...

I read this yesterday in the South London Press - the reason why - and thank goodness for it - don't fancy half of Brockly going up in the air.

"The bar was very unkempt - the rugs held together with tape. You hate to take someone's livelihood away, but it had to be done."

The council's first inspection, on March 11, found the bar had "electrical hazards" and needed a "deep clean" throughout. The inspection report also said: "Eight gas cylinders were impeding the use of the fire exit as well as being a gas safety fire hazard."

Anonymous said...

Extreme Health - isn't that a new series on Five? I live West Side and didn't even know about this place so I doubt it's passing will be mourned.

Colin said...

I'm surprised that it stayed open as long as did as the flats above and the shops to the side have been empty/closed for some time. Over the past week the stall to the side that used to sell barbecue/jerk food late at night has gone too. Any idea what will replace it? - I guess the whole block is coming down the same as a block further along.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the whole block is coming down. I used to use the excellent Chinese takeaway there which closed down. The staff at their sister restaurant (The Orient on Deptford High St - fabulous) told me that the lease had ended and that it was being demolished for redevelopment.
I am glad the pub is going, it was an awful awful place with dodgy types hanging about it at all hours.

headhunter said...

Jazz Club... Did it actually have live jazz or was it just jazz in name?

Anonymous said...


Howard said...

Extreme Health at the West Side Jizz Club.

I smell a musical in the making!

Anonymous said...

...'ave a banana!

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