Ladywell wins makeover funding

A budget of £450,000 has been secured to improve Ladywell town centre, based on designs commissioned by the Ladywell Village Improvement Group. 

LVIG reports: "The Council plans to hold a public consultation on this early in 2012. Construction will commence in early 2013 and is expected to be finished by late Summer. The Scheme will include widened footways, conversion of the existing pelican crossing to a toucan crossing (pedestrians and cyclists), short-stay free parking on Ladywell Road and a new zebra crossing by Slagrove Place. Street lighting adjacent to the shops will be renewed and there will be new street furniture and tree planting." 

The redevelopment should make shopping locally in Ladywell a far more pleasant experience, encouraging the further development of the high street, which has made great progress in recent years, thanks to the arrival of Geddes, El's Kitchen, Oscar's, En Gedi and Slater & King and the rejuvenation of the Ladywell Tavern.


Anonymous said...

And, worth saying, thanks to the Council

Anonymous said...

what a lovely Christmas present!

Anonymous said...

what about the derelict plot behind that advertising hoardings?

That should be a new village market space...

Simon@Geddes said...

This is really good news for Ladywell.
A big thank you to the LVIG for all of their hard work on behalf of the residents and businesses in the local area.

RosieH said...

The plot behind those advertising hoardings was the subject of lapsed planning permission to build flats with a supermarket below. The supermarket was vetoed and the build didn't happen.

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