Muppetry of the penis [UPDATED]

Following incidents in Brockley and Ladywell, Telegraph Hill residents are now being warned of a flasher operating in the area. This comes via Tamsin:

The Friends of the Park committee has been notified by Telegraph Hill's Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) that a series of criminal offences have taken place recently in the Lower and Upper parks, as well as on Kitto Rd & Jerningham Rd, with a man exposing himself to both young and older women. 

The SNT has asked local residents to notify the Police immediately, with a full description of the perpetrator if possible, if you witness a flasher. Secondly, we have been requested to caution people generally to take all due care while out and about on the Hill. Please try not to walk through the park alone in the dark and remain alert and aware by avoiding the use of a iPod, etc. Do pass this information on to anyone you know who lives locally.


According to one report (March 15th, 2012), "A 46-year-old man has been charged with three separate counts of indecent exposure in a residential area of New Cross. The Metropolitan Police have named the man as Senol Dervis Bayram, who lives in the Catford area. According to the police, all three incidents happened on Jerningham Road, with the first on December 3, 2011, and the other two in February and March of this year."