Brockley tends towards Infinity

Infinity is BT's new high speed broadband service, which is being rolled out nationwide. It is also the limit to the number of articles we will write about it, trying to work out when we're all getting it. The local due date has been moved backwards and forwards and we were last told that we'd have to wait until winter 2012 to get it. But now Brockley residents have started receiving emails telling them they can get it now. Monkeyboy forwarded us his email and an Anon posted this last night:

WOO-HOO! BT Infinity seems to be now available in Brockley (Upper Brockley Road anyway). I've had an e-mail from BT and checked my line on the site: it comes up as ready even though Deptford is not listed on the BT map as enabled. 37mb download and 10mb upload estimated. I have to wait until the New Year to set up. I'd be really interested to hear from anyone who gets it sooner. 

Brockley Central HQ is pretty near Upper Brockley Road, so we tried to apply this morning and were told to be patient, because it's not ready yet. So has anyone actually successfully applied for the thing yet? If so, roughly where do you live please? Is there a clear digital divide between different parts of the local area?


Mb said...

Malpas road, getting it on the 23rd. Brace yourself Lou.

brockley jac said...

I had infinity installed a couple of months ago. I live on Crofton Park Rd.

Pratish said...

I hadit installed when I moved flat in September... Adelaide Avenue

Marc said...

Date keeps moving back for us in Ladywell, was first June 2011, now end of March 2012.

Brockley Michael said...

The BT Infinity site suggests 33.4Mb download/
10.0Mb upload on 30-June-2012 for Foxberry Road.

Pricey though, isn't it!

Nico said...

It will depend which exchange you are on - New Cross, Deptford or Forest Hill.

Anonymous said...

I got a call from BT proudly announcing that it was available.

I questioned this and called o2, my current provider. They were a bit mystified, their information seemed to be from the same public sources such as

which is still saying the Deptford exchange is ready for service next December of the Fibre to the Cabinet (FTC) broadband services like Infinity.

The BT broadband checker says it is available now.

Now BT Openreach is the part of the organisation that does this and it looks like they are being a bit tardy in releasing accurate ready for service information to rivals.

The fact is that BT Broadband is just one of several ISPs that repackage the BT Openreach FTTC wholesale service.

I enquired at o2 and they said they were currently trialing it in a couple of places.

However....with a little searching, I found this list of ISPs offering their own packaging for the BT Openreach FTTC service.

Looks like the smaller ISPs are a bit more agile than large concerns like 02. I daresay 02 and the other big ones will come along with packages aimed at a mass market, with bandwidth and usage caps.

BT, with is large outbound marketing team seem to be trying to steal a march on them.

I will be picking one of these suppliers and moving over to the FTTC service. The promise of 40M down and 10M up is a lot better than the 3M down and 500k up I can currently getting.

It is more expensive, that is true. I expect it will take a while for the cheap deals to emerge.

A brief chat with an BT Openreach engineer suggested that the cabinets are in place and people are getting close to 40M.

Whether it is worth doubling the cost I am paying at the moment to get this sort of speed. That is a matter which is provoking much scratching of the chin.

I would welcome any feedback from others who have bought and are using the fibre service from Deptford exchange.

Was it good for you?

Anonymous said...

Tressillian road - got the e-mail but deleted thinking it was empty marketing

Anonymous said...

I have BT infinity, (6 months ish) Live on St Asaph road.

Anonymous said...

bt talk it but dont walk it. infinity is probably no different to before. so all these people that signed up - have you got fibreoptic line coming right into your home? doubt it - still the old copper standard telephone cable yeah? so whats new?

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone has fibre to the the home. It is fibre to the cabinet, then the usual bit of copper wire into your home.

The point is that the distance and number of joints in the copper is much less they can get more data down it and so it is faster.

An Openreach engineer I chatted to said it is quite fast, close to 40Mb download and 10Mb up. He added that within a year they will turn it up higher.

It seems worth having. But the proof of the pudding is, of course, in the eating.

To infinity and beyond!

Ramble said...

Pratish - What was your internet like before? We;re on AA and it's pants.

Right now is 1.31mb/s upload and 0.5mb/s download.

This is the best we ever get.

How much is infinity?

Anon from the future said...

Yes, it's fibre to the cabinet. The biggest advantage is the 10meg upload, could be very useful for those working from home and need that kind of speed? It will be about the same as the equivalent bt '20mb' service but probably more likely to get close to the 40 then you were to get close to the 20 (if that makes sense) as your service is limited by the distance to the nearest street cabinet rather than your local exchange, as well as the quality of the cabling between the two.

Gwawr Sam said...

We've got it here - Crofton Park. Sometimes download speeds slip in the evenings to a paltry speed but you can get around 30Mb down and 8-9Mb up most of the time.

Anonymous said...

Gwawr Sam - when it slips what do you get?

Our 1.31mb/s is just crazy. Can't believe I live in London and thats all the download speed I get.

I got faster in Vietnam.

Anon from the future said...

I should have read what I typed. The cost is about the same as the 20mb service. Having said that BT has never been the cheapest.

Now if you don't mind I have so slip back through my BT wormhole. Things are better in 2050, Prime Minister Gove is 90 and refusing to step down and the French have been put back in their box

Anonymous said...

You get these awful speeds because of the distance from the local exchange and the quality of the cable.

I was told the poor performance of my broadband was because I was right on the edge of the area covered by Deptford exchange.

The nearest new fibre connected cabinet seems to be at the junction of Tyrwhitt Rd and Avon Rd.

Here is a photo of where it is between the existing two green cabinets. But you cannot see it in googlemaps because the new cabinet was put in after the photo was taken.

I am sure there are other new cabinets dotted around. The closer you are to one of these big new fibre cabinets, the happier you will be with your broadband should you partake of one of the upgrade deals.

Of course solving the issue of broadband performance over the last couple of hundred metres of cable is but one thing that slows down the Internet performance. Then the bottleneck shifts to the next set of gotchas. One being congestion and during busy periods the broadband experience will not be so fast.

Anonymous said...

Throttling of torrent sites in peak times is a bit of a peeve with BT. It never happened with O2. Also I wonder what BT contention rates are? Does anyone know, as this matters too. I signed up with BT knowing infinity was coming, but not when. I will be switching as soon as my contract ends, as speeds are unimpressive and the throttling is a pain.

Anonymous said...

i reckon but am not sure the low speed i have on my connection is down to all the eastern europeans packed like sardines into the flats on my street - all downloading rubbish films, music etc... 24/7 to wath on their laptops becasue they havent got a telly... by the time the wire gets to me i have to wait up to a minute for a new page to download sometimes . great eh?

Anonymous said...

Well, there's a new one for the list of things the Eastern Europeans can be blamed for. Of course any of the Brits or Irish or Jamaicans in the neighbourhood are not contributing to your slow download speeds at all, it's all down to the Eastern Europeans...

Anonymous said...


I'm on Arthurdon Road, Ladywell. I upgraded to Infinity last week after getting the call from BT. We were with BT before and got around 4mps download and 1mbps upload - at best!

With Infinity we're getting 37mbps down and 8mbps up...very happy with that.

Costing us around the same we were paying for the old connection anyway - which was always expensive.

Feel like I've finally joined the 21st Century!

Anonymous said...

I blame the teenages.

When they are not patrolling the streets looking things to vandalise, they are playing stupid video games that clog up the broadband for other honest folk.

The BT Wholesale packages that everyone resells generally have a contention ratio of 50 to 1. If you have a business grade service it is 20 to 1.

If you do the math, you can see the worst case scenario is a paltry had full of Megabits per second despite the line being capable of a whizzy 40Mb.

02 do bandwidth throttling when they work out that they have a manic downloader on the other end of the line. It suddenly goes very slow. Leave it a week and it is back to normal.

All the ISPs have something called an Acceptable Use Policy as part of the contract which gives the leave to do this sort of thing.

The new FTTC services will be relatively underused at the beginning, so I expect there will be a bit of honeymoon period where it all goes very fast until you rascally neighbours cotton on.

Of course all this ISP concern at rampant downloading might be mitigated by the aspiration of most Internet service providers to start selling movies directly or indirectly themselves. You can bet they will make that work if they see a way to make money out of it.

Anonymous said...

Nice! Just called BT and infinity is available on Montague avenue...getting it on the 28th at no increase in price.

Anonymous said...

Anyone near BX got it? I assume Virgin will provide a service too?

Anonymous said...

BT says June 2012 for The Tea Factory.

mb said...

I'm on... still setling down according to Mr BT engineer. "only" 34mb and 1.6mb upload (.2 ping whatever that is)

He was on the phone to his mucker. "yea I'm doing a fibre in deptford" "no, they 'ave got it. Keeping it quiet until it's finished"

Tressilliana said...

BT Infinity: I am not the techie in our house (understatement of the century) but I am informed that now we are on Infinity we have the following speeds:

Download 33.2 Mb/s
Upload 8.39 Mb/s
Ping 5 ms

This is apparently faster than 94% of GB and about 15 times faster than we had with BT's standard broadband service. It's going to cost us a a small amount extra per month but I think we now have unlimited downloads, which we didn't have before.

Anonymous said...

Just converted to BT Infinity (16/01/12) in Tressillian Road. So far, very good: 34 Mb/s download 8 Mb/s upload. Both the kit and the engineer arrived on time.

For info, the installation requires conversion of your existing socket into a double socket and you will need two power outlets nearby since the service requires a separate modem and router. On arrival, the engineer will take a quick look at the set up, disconnect your phone and existing hub and then attach an oscillator to the line. S/he will then go to the street cabinet where the fibre-optic is installed, find the oscillator signal and patch in your line. This should take 15-30 minutes, depending on the location of the street cab, but mine took longer since the oscillator was playing up.

Back at the house, s/he will then connect up the new modem and hub, at which point you can reconnect phone and computers using the new supplied SSID and password.

The new BT hub is similar to the old BT one, but smaller and has a more or less identical range of features (i.e. pitiful). The modem runs quite warm and I don't know yet whether it powers down when not in use like the hub, but I'm guessing it won't.

Anonymous said...

Update on my previous comment. Speed, typically, varies between 28-37 Mb/s download, but I have seen it as low as 10 Mb/s, so BT are still not providing reserve capacity to cope with peak traffic.

As suspected, the focus on the HH3 router power management is just greenwash since the modem just consumes around 5W 24/7. not much, but nowhere near as good as the <1W typically consumed by quiescent devices today. This will add an extra £5-10 per annum, depending on tariff.

The modem itself is non-configurable for the consumer. BT remove the manual (easily obtainable online, however) and disable ports and user access. This is a bit of a pity since the device has the firewall, logging and QoS capabilities, conspicuously lacking on the router.

No doubt the BT lockdown could be circumvented, but this would invalidate the agreement and be inadvisable.

Overall, I think the service is a worthwhile upgrade for little extra money (BT Broadband 2 ~~> BT Infinity 2) but time will tell if the speeds can be maintained in the face of increasing numbers of users.

Ramble said...

Just got infinity today.

We were previously with SKY with a Max download of 1.3mb/s (min 0.35mbs).

Now have a lovely download of 37.18mb/s. Upload is 1.67mb/s but apparently this is just fine.

Installation was quick and painless.

We've also gone for BT vision but that's not up and running just yet.

Anon said...

I got Infinity yesterday on Tyrwhitt Road. My LAN light on the modem is still flickering which I am told means the system is still optimising.

Nevertheless I just ran a speed check and I get 31.5MBps download and 1.4MBps upload. More expensive than some services but quite impressed so far.

Anonymous said...

Anyone on the Deptford exchange have it yet?

Tressilliana said...

I think we're on the Deptford exchange, so yes. See my post about half a dozen above.

Mb said...

Yes..... It depends if your specific line goes to a street cabinet with fibre. Think that's the reason why some do and some don't have the ability to connect yet.

Got it over crimbo and it's been fine, even in the peak. Could all change of course.

Check your specific number on the bt site and sig. Up to the email notification. That's how I got alerted.

Anonymous said...

ok thanks, i'll do some investigating

Andrew said...


A new cabinet has been installed at the bottom of Adelaide Avenue at the junction with Ladywell Road.

Could this mean that Infinity is coming to us on Francemary Road?? I work from home and am struggling with the slow connection at the moment.

BT Wholesale say March 2012, but I have lost all faith in that as it just keeps slipping.

The markings on the pavement say DSLAM, which is the equipment needed to make Infinity work, so it's looking promising!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11.33, the LAN light flicker on the modem just indicates normal traffic flow.

@Andrew, the new cab may well be connected with the Infinity rollout, but when you get it will depend on when your existing cab is connected by fibre to the exchange. It's possible that the new cab will replace an old one next to it, I suppose, in which case BT will need to patch across -- activity which should be apparent.

Anonymous said...

Yes - not that I am getting obsessed, but there are white markings on the pavement and road which lead towards an old cabinet. So am assuming that's to link the two together

Andrew said...

Looks like work has finished on the site now.

I spoke to one of the BT engineers and indeed it is infinity. He said it should be up and running within a month.


Hummel1685 said...

 any problems such as speed .interference or wireless not as fast as wired

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