Brockley tends towards Infinity

Infinity is BT's new high speed broadband service, which is being rolled out nationwide. It is also the limit to the number of articles we will write about it, trying to work out when we're all getting it. The local due date has been moved backwards and forwards and we were last told that we'd have to wait until winter 2012 to get it. But now Brockley residents have started receiving emails telling them they can get it now. Monkeyboy forwarded us his email and an Anon posted this last night:

WOO-HOO! BT Infinity seems to be now available in Brockley (Upper Brockley Road anyway). I've had an e-mail from BT and checked my line on the site: it comes up as ready even though Deptford is not listed on the BT map as enabled. 37mb download and 10mb upload estimated. I have to wait until the New Year to set up. I'd be really interested to hear from anyone who gets it sooner. 

Brockley Central HQ is pretty near Upper Brockley Road, so we tried to apply this morning and were told to be patient, because it's not ready yet. So has anyone actually successfully applied for the thing yet? If so, roughly where do you live please? Is there a clear digital divide between different parts of the local area?