Mayor writes happy news under a pseudonym

BC reader Jonah is convinced that Brockley Central is secretly funded by Lewisham Council - because what other explanation could there possibly be for the fact that we are not automatically hostile towards anything they do? But is the truth more horrific than even he dared imagine? Has anyone ever seen Brockley Central and Mayor Bullock in the same room? Yes, but let's not facts get in way.

We thought of this theory when our favourite news programme, The Young Turks, discussed this story: A Utah Mayor was so fed up with negative coverage of his town, that he started writing for local news under a pseudonym for local news, in order to ensure that some happier stories got covered. Certainly Brockley Central was in part born in reaction to the steady diet of stabbings and disgruntled crowds that our newspapers offer, but it never occured to us to ask Steve Bullock to serve as a freelancer.

 Our question is - once you've heard the story, how do you feel about the ethics of the Utah Mayor?