Cooper's Bakehouse, Crofton Park

Cooper's Bakehouse is a new bakery based on the Crofton Park / Honor Oak borders, that delivers to local addresses. They say they are looking for a shop in the area. Let's hope they find one soon, because a high quality bakery would be a great asset to the area.

Here's their site and here's what they say about themselves:

Cooper's Bakehouse believes in Real Bread. Slow fermented for great taste and always made with the best ingredients available. Our offers an antidote to bloaty, highly processed, supermarket loaves. We deliver, for free, to customers in Honor Oak and Crofton Park. Until we move into a local shop, we're expecting to be oversubscibed.  

Founded by Crofton Park resident Francis Cooper in response to the absence of locally baked bread in Honor Oak and Crofton Park. Cooper's Bakehouse is legally, ethically and tastefully independent.

Story via the Honor Oak forum. Don't forget to vote for the local shop of the year in the South East Central Awards 2011.