Brockley Market reveals its Christmas plans

The organisers of Brockley Market have some special plans for the festive period, which we're happy to say include booze. Toby writes:

We will have a range of new produce and special events in December and we will be open right up until Saturday December 24th - so you can pre-order your produce with stall holders before then, and collect from the market on Christmas Eve.

We will be taking orders and selling Christmas Trees that are grown on the beautiful Hole Park Estate in Kent. Blackheath Conservatoire will be providing music each Saturday in December.

Tea Dance For Little People we be at the market every Saturday providing 15 minute creative family moments. We have also been given permission to serve some mulled wine and cider.

We will be closed on December 31st to give everyone involved a well earned rest and look forward to bigger and better things in 2012.

The first market of 2012 will be Saturday 7th January and then weekly after that.

Many thanks to everyone who has come and supported the market and our producers and traders. We really do appreciate it.

We have a new website: and here is the list of stallholders in December:

Aston Bakers - A wide selection of breads and French pastries - Including seeded cob, London rye, malted grain cob, pain au levin, Ciabatta, Sourdough Rye as well as Eccles cakes, stollen, mince pies and zopf bread.
Blintz Boy - Purveyor of the finest blintzes in the world. Serving fresh dessert, meat and veggie blintzes in and around London.
Blueberry Hill - Ella and Rachel bring cakes and desserts into the world with less fuss and more fun - as well as creating whatever your sweet tooth desires. We also specialise in private events such as afternoon tea parties in London and afar.
Brockley Blooms – Beautiful cut flowers along with festive hand tied bouquets, boughs, garlands, mistletoe. Christmas orders taken.
Brockley Logs – Kent grown tight-grain hardwood (ash, hornbeam, birch, field maple, beech and hazel) locally sourced from Kent woodland management programs. Sold in 12 kilo net bags, or stock up for the winter months with a 250 kilo bulk bag.
Brookland White Poultry - Our aim is to produce the finest possible free range poultry for your table. Our system is based on old fashioned values of high animal welfare, traditional outdoor rearing and low food miles. We will be taking orders of Chicken and Duck for December 24th collection.
Chris Bloor Chocolates – Hand made chocolate products including Christmas chocolate gift bags.
Cook box Chillies - Culinary Plants and wreaths, foodie presents, poinsettia and hot roasted chestnuts on an open flame.
Dark Fluid Coffee - Serving award winning coffee and beans ground on site for home brewing. A special Christmas blend and some Coffee Gifts will be available this festive season.
Flavours Of Spain - With an intimate knowledge of Spain’s gastronomy and tireless enthusiasm, we source some of Spain’s most prized foods and ingredients – foods with character, flavour and provenance and each with its own story to tell. We source direct from artisan producers and family-run businesses, where the emphasis is on seasonality, sustainability and organic production methods.
Hand Picked Shellfish Company - Fish caught on Friday is sold at the market on Saturday. We will be taking orders on all fish and shellfish for December 24th collection. Speak to us about what will be available.
Independent Trotters - Our free range pedigree herd of British Saddle Backs range, graze and forage on the North Downs, being born and raised in the open air all their lives. The result is flavour packed, tender pork which melts in your mouth, crackling that crackles, as it should do. We will have various types of Christmas sausages.
Jacobs Ladder – ‘Jacob's Ladder Farms’ exists to provide an opportunity for smaller farms and artisan food processors to trade in London viably by working in association with each other. Those who participate share a common interest in natural and sustainable farming practices and in the production of interesting and uncomplicated local food using biodynamic farming methods. They will be taking orders on organic geese, biodynamic turkeys and lamb, pork and beef as well as pigs in blankets, festive sausages and ox tongue for collection on Christmas Eve.
Little Greenwich Smokery - Little Greenwich Smokery makes artisan, hand prepared smoked salmon in tiny batches, taking orders for your festive needs.
Luardos – Mexican street food served from lovely ‘Mary’ the Citroen H van. Menu includes Huevos Rancheros, Tacos and Tostadas.
Made in Brockley – Chutneys, mustards, pickles, preserves, relishes, sauces and much more… all made in Brockley using seasonal and local fruit and veg.
Marsh Farm – Traditional cuts of lamb, beef and pork and Turkey. Cured meats, traditionally home cooked hams, dry cured bacon and gammon. Traditional home made sausages and chipolatas. We will be taking orders on everything for Christmas Eve collection.
Mersham Game – Mersham game is based on the Mersham Estate near Ashford in Kent. The business started a few years ago to sell game that was being shot locally, much of it was going abroad and not being enjoyed by local people. The estate is one of the oldest family owned estates in England and has Royal connections. We will be selling and taking orders on venison, pheasant, partridge, pigeon, rabbit and Woodstock as well as taking orders for ‘Bird in a Bird’ roasts.
Mike and Ollie - We are two young chefs who are opening two market stalls, one in Deptford and the other in Brockley from which we'll be cooking up some pretty amazing and affordable street food. Expect to stumble across things we have smoked, cured, preserved and foraged for, our menus change weekly if not daily reflecting what we manage to scout at the market or forage ourselves locally.
Mother Flipper – ex Jamie’s Italian chef - Manuel launches his new street venture ‘Mother Flipper’. Flipping burgers for Brockley, launching December 17th.
Mulled Wine – Traditional mulled wine and cider. Using fresh cloves, star anise, cinnamon sticks, Madagascan vanilla pods, clementines and pomegranates, served with a mince pie or other Christmas treat.
Norbiton cheese – The Christmas classics Colston Bassett and Montgomery's Cheddar. As well as a great selection of cheeses to make up an amazing cheese board including Keens cheddar, Sharpham Rustic, Garlic Yarg, Cropwell Bishop, Tunworth, Barkham Blue, Lancashire Bombs, Brie De Meaux, Donge Manachego, Ticklemore Goats, Cornish Blue, Blue Monday, Gubbeen, Smoked Gubbeen and Poacher.
Northiam Dairy Stall – The dairy honesty box stall will have a selection of diary products including milk, yoghurt and crème fresh.
Perry Court Organic (A G Brookman ) - Kent's first organic and bio-dynamic farm selling fruit and vegetables, we will have all your favorite seasonal Christmas vegetables such as sprouts, parsnips, horseradish and more.
Perry Court Farm – Seasonal vegetables, fruit, apple juice and flowers - Perry Court Farm has been growing wonderful fruit and vegetables in a responsible and environmentally friendly way for three generations now. Traditional methods of farming have been passed down, and mixed with modern know-how on sustainable agricultural practices, to give a way of producing food that really works in the long run.
Red Herring Smoke house - We smoke free range and rare breed meats in Hackney. Will also be serving our hot sandwiches - Gloucester Old Spot bacon, Keen's cheddar, spicy chutney, smoked chicken garlic pesto and smoky "Hackney" Peking duck. Our new Smoked Free Range Turkey, pork sage & onion stuffing, cranberry sauce with cress & mayo will be available for the festive season. We will also be smoking some goose for Christmas and have some gift hampers for you to purchase.
Soothe-me - Soothe-me is a unique range of handmade aromatherapy skin care that smells amazing! Made with the finest natural and organic ingredients harnessing the therapeutic effects of essential oils. Created as a ‘healthy natural alternative’ to mass-produced cosmetics that are made from cheap, synthetic and sometimes harmful ingredients. Soothe-me products are designed to be like ‘health food for the skin’ with natural goodness and nutrients.
Sugar and Vanilla – Brockley based and we make all our cakes, tarts and other edible delights by hand in our own kitchen from home.
The Honest Carrot – Celebrating it’s 1st Birthday last weekend ‘The Honest Carrot’ will be supplying some lovely veggie options, including Christmas pies, canapé selection boxes and flower pot bread making kits.
The London Particular – News Cross’ finest will be serving homemade filled sourdough doughnuts along with their ‘good veggie’, ‘bad veggie’ rolls and a selection of delicious baked cakes.
Wild Country Organics - We now have over 5 acres of glasshouses and grow organic salads and oriental vegetables year round and without heating, improving their flavour and making our protected crops the greenest available. We have a grazing policy so you can have a taste before you buy.


Brockley Kiwi said...

Good news .. but what's a blintz?

Mezzer said...

Where do you stand in a smokeless zone with regard to burning logs?
I'd always thought it not permissable, but then again kindling is probably acceptable, so where do you draw the line?

Anonymous said...

ou're OK if you use a wood burning stove with the correct spec.

Anonymous said...

And its carbon neutral.

Danja said...

and Woodstock

I'm not sure how fresh and tasty hippy would be.

Anonymous said...

'15 minute creative family moments' ? Seriously? Pretension or what!

Other than the middle class child-oriented waffle, Brockley Market is great, so overall yay.

pip said...

Smokeless zones only apply to business/industrial activities - not sure whether something like this would count...

I've still not made it to the market - it sounds perfect for Christmas grocery shopping, some of those stalls sound great. Must get there this Saturday and check it out.

Mr Breakspears said...

Yes, but will it blend?

Anonymous said...

Why aren't there more stalls selling proper grub? Why is it all fussy stuff?

Anonymous said...

Why does it close so early? Both times I've been it's either been closed or closing. Must be the earliest closing market in London. New Covent Garden doesn't count...

Mb said...

Most of the stalls sell "proper grub" if you mean fruit, veg, meat, dairy or are you visiting a different place?

Anonymous said...

will there still be a Christmas Market on Coulgate Street this year?

WIckham Will said...

Well Anon @ 17.40, it starts at 10 and ends at 2. Hopefully that information will help you to turn up when the market isn't closed or closing. After the first time, did it not occur to check the website/twitter/facebook/leaflets/posters?!

Sensible person said...

Food markets normally close quite early unless they are very tourist-orientated ones. What an idiot

Anonymous said...

1. Blintz - cheese pancake thing, fried. Polish

2. Yes, it will blend

Mb said...

Blimey, he only asked if the hours could be looked at, hardly idiotic. 2:00 is quiet early, I wouldn't mind an extra hour or so.

Tamsin said...

@Anon 18.47 - yes details here
10th December.

There isn't the Ladywell Village one because it could not be guaranteed that the usual space in front of the station would be available.

Anonymous said...

shame the Ladywell one won't be there this year.

I think they should change location though.

Lisa said...

I love the Brockley Market and very excited for the vendors, particularly Spanish and Mexican food :)

Anonymous said...

Re Ladywell
If only the abandoned space between the Ladywell Taven and the Supermarket behind the advertising hoadings was Ladywell's market place.

Then it could be used for farmers markets and Xmas Markets.

Why won't they get the space by the train station?

Anonymous said...

It's all just food. Don't they sell anything else in this market?
The market in the town where I used to live had nice things in it, like toys and secondhand books ... things you would like to buy for Christmas. Food's just food, here today, eaten tomorrow. Not much to write home about.

Anonymous said...

Above, its a food market that sells some amazing produce- sounds like your searching for.. food and other items

Mezzer said...

pip @ 1 December 16.57.

You are incorrect in stating that the smokeless zone only applies to industry etc. This is from the council's own site:

Bonfires and smoky chimneys

Page Content 1
This borough is a Smoke Control Area, so it is an offence to produce smoke from a chimney, furnace or boiler.

As has been pointed out previously in this post though (and which was useful to know, which was why I asked initially), wood burners appear to be exempt if they meeet certain critia.

Mb said...

Don't change it into just a general market, we actually have a very good general market that includes an excellent trader that sells all manner of secondhand goods - Deptford. It's a specialist market done really well with thought. That's why it was a hit from day one. If you think food is just fuel then it's possibly not for you

Anonymous said...

@ sensible person

Actually non-tourist food markets don't close quite early. Broadway, Exmouth and even tiny Netil market all close at 5pm. You idiot.

Anonymous said...

Those are not farmers markets double idiot

Tressilliana said...

Have I wandered into a primary school playground by mistake?

mb said...

*confused face*

It's a market, it sells food. be nice if it could stay open for longer in my opinion. Not sure how the traders, Toby or the college feel about that.

Anyway, it's brilliant.

Anonymous said...

I far as I know it's 'Brockley Market' no one has ever referred to it as a farmer's market. Triple idiot.

Anonymous said...

Who cares? It's a load of rubbish anyway.

st doughnut said...

"Why aren't there more stalls selling proper grub? Why is it all fussy stuff?"

please define "proper" grub

Muscles said...

I'm really looking forward to walking up and buying 250kg (or 1/4 of a tonne) of wood.

Glad I've been going to the gym lately.

hazardous guess said...

please define "proper" grub

Think along the lines of turkey twizzlers and chicken nuggets. Probably.

Anonymous said...

Five up. If its NOT a farmers market then why doesnt it sell Tin Foil and CD's?

fong said...

from what I recall, it's not a "farmers' market" because it doesn't adhere to the strict rules and requirements provided by the LFM.

Maybe it's a farmers'-style market?

Who cares? It's nice, you can buy nice food and it's local.

Why are people moaning?

Anonymous said...

Great site Nick; posts are good but the majority of comments are moronic nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Damn straight....see above

TM said...

Some decent NEWS this time, just returned home from today's market with some meat and fruit to witness scaffolders at work on the derelict shop at the end of Tyrwhitt Road!

Let hope this means an end to this particular eyesore at long last...

FrFintonStack said...

"Why aren't there more stalls selling proper grub? Why is it all fussy stuff?"

I sympathise. I'm completey sick of all the fancy, namby-pamby forr'un muck, like apples, pears, carrots, potatoes, onions, turnips, cabbages, sausages, chicken and fish. And that's not even to mention the hot food: I mean, bacon sandwichs? Beef stew? Cauliflower soup? Waddya think this is, 'Ampstead?

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