Crofton Park's Million Minor March

Last Friday morning, hundreds of school children took part in a demonstration against street violence. Here's the video of the day.


Tamsin said...

Weren't there plans to take some footage from a police helicopter as well?

Fred West said...

The children are our future.

Simon Jones said...

Thanks, Brockley Central, first of all.

The day was great fun, the sun shone, everyone came, and the helicopter was on time.

There are a couple of aerial photos, which I will be happy to email to Brockley Central.

In the meantime you can find the photos - on

I am Simon Jones, teacher and organiser with the Young Citizens.



kolp said...

This was sweet, but a bit odd; young kids out of school on a weekday shouting in the streets for safety...but hey more power to them.

Fattyfattybumbum said...

Knife and street crime are made look too cool in violent video games and music videos nowadays which when coupled with poor parenting, leads us to a situation where we need 12 year olds to march for peace on the streets of London. Its a disgrace to this wonderful city.

kolp said...

One other thing I want to add/note about this is the apparent disproportionate amount of black kids in this video.
Sure, Lewisham has a relatively high ethnic minority population but it is only these families sending their kids to the local schools?

If so where are the whites amd why are they going?

It's good to have schools with a healthy mix or proportionate mix of races from the area.

What? said...

@Kolp, no it's not only black people who send their children to the local schools. Obviously. There is a high proportion of black people in Lewisham. The reason that I, as a white middle class person, love my child being at school in the borough of Lewisham (as opposed to, say, a 'posher' part of London or somewhere out in the sticks where they've rarely seen an ethnic minority person) is that she has absolutely no concept of race being an issue. No idea at all. She is in the first generation of people who will grow up without it being something that they think about. She is in the minority in her class, and the school as a whole is very noticeably more black than white. It is a normal state primary school (CE) that is rated highly.

What? said...

...and having just watched some of the video, it looks like a perfect representation of Lewisham. Very beautifully mixed.

kolp said...

Yes there's about 15-20% of white faces in the video, but the figures for Lewisham suggest if proportionate there'd be 50%.

Lewisham has a BME of 40% with school age population made up of ; "Over 50% of pupils" from BME background.


What: you seem to be a socially conscious person, who actively wants engagement, mind you i've been told that a white middle class parents of a kid in a predominantly ethnic school is treated with an approach bordering on reverential gratitude by staff and all the stops are pulled out for the kid and so it's often a canny move.

Mb said...

Kolp, do you think they should have turned away the excess white kids? Or perhaps handed out those colour charts you get at B&Q "sorry son, you don't go with the curtains".

Tamsin said...

I agree with What. And it's not just the state schools where the children grow up with each other and race, as such, is not an issue. My son went to Riverston (help! years ago now...) and a picture of him and his two best friends would be a classic for multi-culturalism - but it simply did not cross their radar.

Anonymous said...

Kolp, that's quite old data and if you look at the 'About Lewisham' section it says that "Whilst 40% of our residents are from black and minority ethnic background this rises to 72% within our school population". So, no disproportionate at all then... Also, I didn't notice, and I doubt whether any of the kids noticed, I find it unusual that you did notice - where are you from out of interest?

kolp said...

I noticed this issue because there appeared to be a disparity in the racial mix, i wondered why this is? Is it white educational flight?

People say they are 'colour blind' but it often doesn't bear out when when making heartfelt decisions such as the education of their kids.

Race has been as hot a topic as it ever was this year from Tram ranters, tv historians to *Guardianistas.

" *A year ago, I had an argument with a friend who was leaving London because he didn't want his daughter to be the only white child in her class."

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