What's happening at Brockley Station?

Reader Dawn contacted us this morning to ask what was happening to the plants outside Brockley Station's lower-level entrance, which are being dug-up as part of the work to remodel the station. This work includes installing ticket barriers to the southbound platform and extending the platforms so that they can take 10-carriage trains to and from London Bridge.

We asked Rupert from the BXAG what he knew about this plans and this is what he told us:

They are not removing all of the plants, just a small number where they need to create the widened access for the new ticket barriers. 

To be fair to London Overground they have liaised with us (BXAG) closely from the outset about the proposed works. The vast majority of the main planting will be untouched as agreed at previous meetings - though when I went to see them just now I emphasised the planting needs protecting! 

I would also point out that BXAG volunteers were down there a few weeks back taking out some of the affected plants and replanting them elsewhere. But some of the shrubs are difficult to take up and replant and we don't have the space elsewhere to replant them anyway. Even so only a very small number were lost. 

As for community benefits arising from the works, we have negotiated £500 towards new (replacement) planting, the grass area will be taken up and topsoiled ready for new planting, a new litter bin by the seat and a new community managed notice board. 

We are also in discussions with LOL about getting them to part fund the steps at the north end of Brockley Common and have them built by the contractor currently on site. We already have £7K from the Brockley Assembly but need another £5-6K to get the works done. I am hopeful. 

The one big negative is I have just learned that the bike shelter is going. I had understood it would be retained. 

BXAG will put pressure on LOL for an immediate replacement. They are well aware of the increased demand for bike parking at Brockley Station. 

I am sure there will be people who are unhappy with the new ticket barriers but it's not something anyone can challenge. We have tried to get the best out of this development for the benefit of the community while ensuring most of the planting is saved - a lot more was due to go before we intervened!